UT Teams to Attract International Students with Community Colleges

18 December, 2014

Study in Overseas
With the backing of few of the community institutions of United States, University of Toledo is about to change the overseas students study pattern in the country. The new plan known as UT-Community College Internationalization Consortium is about to start from the coming year. This college is about to bring four other major public colleges in Michigan and Ohio such as Columbus State Community, Schoolcraft College, Jackson College and Henry Ford College along with more eight vocational institutions in Hebei, Shanghai, Hunan provinces, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Chinese individuals who are about to participate in the new program have to spend their starting two years of institution study in their native country and the final year in any of the community institutions to attain the associates graduation and Chinese diploma in a single attempt.

Students can spend their remaining two years in attaining the undergraduate course at UT.  In China postsecondary schools are higher vocational institutions that are parallel to community institutions in United States. Each institution tends to have various domains; it may be of business, engineering, environmental sciences or another course.

These community colleges aid overseas students in their visas, accommodation, communication skills, bank accounts and more. Consortium begins by admitting five students in 2015, 10 students in 2016, 15 the next month and so on. Thus, by 2018 around 40 candidates will get enrolled at undergraduate programs.

This Consortium also comprises of administrators from various other colleges who are keen about learning partner colleges of the country.

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