Victorian schools in Australia lure international students

15 July, 2015

Victorian Schools in Australia appeals Students from all over the world
The Australian government appealed that international students must registered in more Victorian schools in order to enhance the country’s education sector in the impending decades.


In the world there is a global completion from various other English speaking nations. Thus, to increase Australia’s popularity among other leading nations, the country is targeting to lure more international students.

Effective March 2015, around 5055 full-fee-paying international students registered in Victorian schools, with numerous students visiting Victoria each year under sister-school as well as exchange programs.

Over 4000 overseas-based students have registered in the VCE since 1998. Government paper coincided with, Committee for Melbourne report that aspires to begin a plan to safe guard Melbourne's international education field, subsuming greater overseas competition.

In the United States, the government has agreed to grant six-year work permit to overseas students once they become graduates, this move results in the rise of international student enrolments in the country.

The report emphasizes the need of governments and business to announce employment opportunities for international students while studying and after completing their graduation.

Moreover, sporting clubs can also play a vital role by having volunteers take international students to matches.

The government paper stated that, the education providers in Australia appeals students not only from India and china but also from Latin America, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

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