Visa Hindrances Abolished For Indian Students Going to UK

17 November, 2014

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The UK Universities Minister, Greg Clark has encouraged Indian students in the wake of the recent rise in their number to UK that they are highly valued in the country. He went on to say that the Indian presence was a welcome to their universities and he hoped to see more of Indians enrolling themselves in the UK universities.

Greg Clark was on a visit to India last week and announced that getting a UK student visa for Indians was very easy and uncomplicated. He also stated that at the end of the study duration, the Indian students could also work in the UK for a period of five years. There was already evidence of people doing that.

The fall in the number of Indians going to the UK for studies is due to the loopholes in administration. Before his visit, Clark had written to the Indian High Commissioner in London, Ranjan Mathai with a proposal for regular interactions in order to deal with the concept of Indian students facing unreasonable difficulties from the visa formalities.

In his letter to Mathai, Clark mentioned that they were sure to do away with the above problems in a determined manner. As for the administrative problems, they would have frequent reviews such that wherever deemed to be baseless, they can be avoided. He also stated that a meeting once every three months would help both sides to boost the confidence of Indian students that they were welcomed at the UK universities. The two countries have taken an initiative that will make the travel of students a two-way traffic, supporting 25,000 of them in the next five years.

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