Western Kentucky University to Revive Admission Procedure

13 June, 2016

Western Kentucky University to Revive Admission Procedure
Western Kentucky University suspended admission program for international students, to revamp the whole system of admission procedure.

In the aftermath of Indian students, complete failure in presenting programming skills, 25 students admissions have been canceled. However, the Students requested the university officials, to give an opportunity to prove themselves.

All the 25 students were asked to leave the University or find admission in some other University.

The University is planning for a stringent admission policy to encourage the brightest of students to the University.

From now on University officials will review the advertising campaigns and actively participate in the admission process to filter the applicants.

Every Year Western Kentucky University enrolls over 2800 students for its various graduate programmes. The varsity expects good academic standards from both the international students and domestic standards; they are held responsible for the same.

WTU’s Academic Officer in an email communication to the leading newspaper said that “We would like to see all of our students, regardless of nationality, be successful. For a variety of reasons, that is always not possible.”

Western Kentucky University had a pilot Program with India, to provide more opportunities for Indian Students getting admission into the University.

The University gave the opportunity to over 100 students who fall short of some standards. All the students who got conditional admissions are not successful; some have coped up with the standards, and some did not.

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