Why foreign students matter to the US ?

06 April, 2016

USA Sudents
Foreign students from around the world flock to the US universities in large numbers, with as many as one million foreign students getting admitted every year.

According to the last year data, foreign students now made up third of entire student population at many prestigious institutions in the US.

Among other universities of the US, Florida Technological Institute has topped the category of universities with around 33% of their entire students count from abroad.

According to the report, the number of foreign students in the US throughout last year was increased by 10% to 9,74,377. It is the biggest growth rate.  Around 50% of the students are coming from the countries like India, China and Korea.

There are many reasons to choosing the US for the students   as their education destination.  It is the dominance of its universities in the world university rankings with five universities in the worldwide top 10 and also including the top two positions.

Foreign study is a force for universal good with its beneficiaries far beyond universities and students.

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