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New Program for Students to Encourage Studying in Abroad

University of Auckland’s aim to see 4 students graduating with abroad familiarity by 2020. From the US there is a new organization to increase the large number of students. This university has officially signed an assurance collaborator to the United States generation study abroad movement. By the united State IIE (Institute of international education) to double the number of United Sates students undertaking the abroad occurrence as they work towards their degree. The firm offers hundred erudition worth NZ S1275 for each student coming from university’s partner institution says, Director international Brett Berquist. Travel discount are offered by United States travel agency Air New Zealand and student universe and to more temporary opportunities for all international students. Apart from this the University of Auckland connect additional six hundred and thirty organizations, institutions and government across the US to sign on the group. Schooling in New Zealand was the 1st organization outside the United State to join. Creativity and innovation are the two major key words to New Zealand’s future said, Professor Stuart McCutcheon. He also added, they encouraged students to study from other cultures through diversity of students. This university aim to raise the flow of students in all directions. The United States is a vital market for New Zealand and it demand for highly, shorter experiential opportunities to reflect students seeking. As they work towards the goals 25% contribution in learning about the Auckland students. Their focus is on allure more United States students and their effort is to support their own students work to include overseas learning into their career development plans.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

14 October, 2015
CIEE Increase Study Abroad Opportunities for All Students from All Academic Majors

Council on international educational exchange reports (CIEE) reports it is making significant progress towards study abroad pledge to increase study opportunities for all students.Students who participate in study abroad have high grade point graduate faster, averages and more attractive to future employers. 10% of all United State college students study abroad. In 2014 November (CIEE) joined the institute of international educations generation study abroad challenge by committing to breaking. There are 3 main barriers to study abroad curriculum, cost and culture.In 2015, 9th month CIEE has made progress in each area of its pledge. Council on international educational exchange awarded total of $5965 in financial and scholarship to college and high school institutions and students.Council on international educational exchange reinvented the study abroad model with the launch of London, Germany, Berlin, Rome and England, Italy. The CIEE provides flexible, affordable academic programming options for students to design their ideal international experience.CIEE raise the short term program options to three hundred one sessions available during May, January and 3 summer sessions. Therefore it also added STEM (New science, technology, engineering, and math). It now offers one hundred four study abroad programs with STEM course options in four hundred and seven locations in world wide.For all students across the world study abroad has become core requirement who are seeking the skills that prepare them for culturally interconnected and diverse world. Over the next 4 years CIEE will continue its commitment to break barriers for all students to study abroad by offering more faculty, scholarships, passports and flexible programming options.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

09 October, 2015
Students have more attractive options to Study Abroad

In order to study abroad more attractive options among universities, American college goers and business leaders. They must make the experience related to the careers that students hope to study graduate. Students with their experience to prepare their future. The persons who attended the summit are AIFS told hundreds of international education professionals or William Gertz president and CEO of the American institute for foreign study. Students are not looking at next month or next day but the future is they want to study abroad to be an integral part of lifelong journey. Over six hundred attendees from countries such as Australia, Guatemala, Vietnam and with examples of recent college graduates who had successfully used their study abroad An assistant marketing manager Ashley B.Blackmon at PepsiCo spoke of how she spent the first fifteen minutes of her job interview. Jessica Kuntz consultant at Deloitte LLP suggested that students allowed turning up and learning from their mistakes. Gluseppe Cespedes said, Students need more guidance and push throughout the process and not just preparation at the beginning. At the end of the decade study abroad population of program will double. The led – IIE initiative has more than six hundred organization including three fifty universities and colleges and hundred from outside the United States.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

07 October, 2015
So far $185 Million Invested in US Universities for Study Abroad

Study Abroad Organizations and United States Universities have dedicated to spend $185 million in next 5 year to create study abroad through IIE (Institute of International Education) The funds will be used to provide sustain to faculty, students and programming. Three hundred and fifty universities and colleges have sign up to the plan. According to Institute of international education 84% people said that they plan to expand or create study abroad scholarships for under represented students such as ethnic, minority and 1st  generation students. According to Institute of International students make up nearly forty percent of all United States higher education enrolments they represent 25% of those who take apart in study abroad. The number of American students who study abroad by the end of the year, few than 10% of the United State College students currently spending on time studying abroad. 91% of the United States institutions are expanding or creating for credit international programmes, 64% are increasing the number of programmes that offer or require a study abroad component. 71% increase finances for faculty members to lead and study abroad programmes. The Institute of international education said, doubling study abroad by the end of the decade would require 14.5% annual rate of growth but there was only 2% increase in 2012 and 2013. Studying abroad is one of the best ways American college students can gain the international experience necessary to succeed in today’s address and global workforce.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

06 October, 2015
India students are likely to concentrate in Master's level programme in Abroad

According to the new report on master’s student’s institutions, research on international student segmentation by the New York City based world education services. Usually Indian students have low financial resource and this affects the motivations, values and needs when choosing universities and colleges. Nearly 70 percent of Indian students have budget less than $30000 per year, from their US education they expect a good return on investment. Indian students mostly like to apply for engineering related courses in public institution said, Rahul Choudaha. He also added, Chinese students are likely to enroll in private institutions and are influenced by institution reputation. India is the 2nd largest source for international students in United States higher education institutions. From 2012 – 2013 to 2013 – 2014 graduate enrolment and academic year from India in the United States grow a healthy 12 percent. According to data IIE (Institute of International Education) graduate enrolment decline by over 7 percent. More India students are likely to concentrate in Master’s level programmed. Indian students seek short duration programmers with high employment prospects. Around two out of three Indian students in United States are enrolled in master’s level programmers in engineering related fields. Maria Mathai Said, For Indian students the main points consider while looking for master’s degree in Canada are excellent research opportunities offered by Canadian universities as well as future possibilities for immigration and work. For Indian masters students Canada has now become the destination for choice because of research opportunities it offers high level scholarship and low level tuition fees. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

05 October, 2015
Which Country is the Cheapest to Study ?

According to new figure UK is one of the richest countries for British students to learn. With increase of increasing costs of living, tuition fees it can cost in surplus of £21,000 per year for students to study in United Kingdom. By studying abroad British students could save thousands which analysis every country with an organization in the times higher education world university rankings. In abroad cheapest country to study in are Norway, Poland, Bangladesh, Argentina. Studying in Russia and India could be 5 times less costly than in United Kingdom. In 2015, Average tuition fees pooled with living costs was £4,449.90 in Russia and £3,629.62 in India. In United Kingdom similarity to an annual cost of £21,000 the fifth most costly country in the ranking. Because of increased tuition fess up to £9,000 per year, while studying abroad can offer cheaper fees. There are many countries that offered more expensive for British students were the Singapore, South Korea, US and Australia. Due to exchange rates British students would pay average of £27,277.16 per year up 3% in two years. Studying for a year in France or china would cost 3 times less than the United Kingdom in the region £7,000, while New Zealand would cost £13,000, Brazil cost £8,000. In this year total thirteen countries have entered the world including Cyprus, Iceland, Belarus and Luxembourg. According to analysis there are 3 countries would take lead as the cheapest study destinations in the world. Currency expert and Fairfx Darren Kilner said, students are choosing cheaper ways of securing their studying abroad and university education is becoming a much more attractive option.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

03 October, 2015
World's Top Universities list

World university ranking higher education 2015 to 2016 lists the top eight hundred universities in the world. Annual time’s higher education world university ranking has announced by leading education magazine times higher education. World over across thirteen performance indicators to provide a comprehensive list. In 5 areas the performance indicators were grouped. The value given to each indicator is mentioned below: The learning environment teaching – 30%Volume, reputation and income research – 30%Research influence citations – 30%Students and research, staff international outlook – 7.5%Knowledge transfer industry income – 2.5%The final roll comprised the top eight hundred universities in the world From USA 7 universities are listed in top ten. Not a single Indian university featured in the top two hundred In top five hundred, 5 Indian institutions are featured. 401 – 500: Indian institute of technology Madras276 – 300: Indian of science, Bangalore351 – 400: Indian institute of technology Bombay276 – 300: Punjab university, India351 – 400: Indian institute of technology Roorkee Among top hundred as per the Asia university rankings 9 Indian universities are featured Rank 96 : Jawaharlal Nehru universityRank 37 : Indian institute of science, BangaloreRank 90 : Aligarh Muslim universityRank 38 : Punjab UniversityRank 78 : Indian institute of technology MadrasRank 55 : Indian institute of technology RoorkeeRank 69 : Indian institute of technology KharagpurRank 57 : Indian institute of technology BombayRank 65 : Indian institute of technology Delhi Total eleven Indian institutes featured in BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2015 Rank 98 : Indian institute of technology GuwahatiRank 25 : Indian institute of science, BangaloreRank 78: Aligarh Muslim universityRank 37 : Indian institute of technology BombayRank 74: Indian institute of technology KanpurRank 38: Indian institute of technology RoorkeeRank 71 : Jawaharlal Nehru universityRank 39 : Punjab universityRank 56 : Indian institute of technology DelhiRank 44 : Indian institute of technology MadrasRank 43 : Indian institute of technology Kharagpur As per the world university top twenty universities in the world rankings 2014 to 2015: University of Toronto, CanadaCalifornia institute of technology, USACornell university, USAHarvard university, USADuke university, USAStanford university, USAUniversity of Cambridge, UKMassachusetts institute of technology, USAPrinceton university, USAUniversity of California, Berkeley, USAImperial college London, UKYale university, USAUniversity of Chicago, USAUniversity of California, Los Angeles, USAETH Zurich – Swiss federal institute of technology Zurich, SwitzerlandColumbia university, USAJohns Hopkins university, USAUniversity of Pennsylvania, USAUniversity of Michigan, USAFor more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

01 October, 2015
International students in Europe are happier with their experience in Ireland

According to 2015 study portals International students satisfaction award Ireland is the most satisfied international students surpassing its European counterparts for the first time ever. Last year Denmark, Finland, Sweden were in top list. This year foreign students carrying out their studies overseas in Ireland. Education Intelligence specialist Carmen Neghina at study portals told the biggest surprise is Ireland  overtaking Nordic countries simply because students in Sweden, Denmark, Finland have been reporting high level s of satisfaction for the previous 2 years. Over the past academic years study portals collected data from 17000 reviews that were added to student experience.  United Kingdom stands 10th for international student’s satisfaction where as Ireland stands 1st. From last year’s figures international student satisfaction in Europe remains high. Compared to 89 percent in 2014 86 percent of students being satisfied with their study abroad experience. On the scale of student satisfaction France continues to have the lowest score. Carmen said, French universities were mostly criticized for not being student centric. This year 5 of Ireland universities have won prestigious awards including Maynooth University. This university received a certificate of outstanding student satisfaction. Irish universities were appreciated mostly for the close student community, friendliness of teachers and the quality of the education. The University Limerick, national university of Ireland and the university college cork all received excellent international student awards apart from all these university college Dublin was rated Very Good. This year number of students is ready to study abroad.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

25 September, 2015
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