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Advantages of study abroad from the students perspective

United Kingdom education international’s unit go British council and international program have released report on the benefits of spending time as part of United Kingdom undergraduate degree. To reach in to United Kingdom domiciled students two bodies came together. Therefore the research aims to provide evidence for higher education in United Kingdom. On an online survey of 2842 undergraduates from 37 United Kingdom higher education institutions mainly focus on 8 institutions.  There is a positive link between mobility program for 1 year and career & personal development. The most commonly reported benefits include developing independence and likelihood of working abroad long term. Short period of mobility often had a similar impact on longer period. All the students are wished to have a further mobility. Short visit such as taster visit, summer schools are more beneficial they tend to participate in long program. There are other common motivations which include independence & self confidence, inter cultural awareness, improving language and communication skills. Decision of study in abroad is not an easy one to make. Many students reported the total cost of experience, availability of funding, reputation for quality of host were key factors to make decision. Number of students going to china to study or work has grown from 2013 in 6500 to nearly 7400 last year. British council study work provides a gateway to thousands of expert device and international opportunities about overseas experience. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

23 September, 2015
Athens welcomes international students to study in Abroad

The first group of Webster university students travelled Ancient Olympia to visiting ancient theatres of Epidavros. From Webster St. Louis Webster university Athens welcomed the first semester students to study in abroad. To orient the students the first week was designed in the city, campus, and ways to travel around. The week ended with a relaxing day at a nearby beach. In coming weeks the students will learn about politics, history culture and society, archaeology, art and language of Athens. Anna Gaffney who is studying in Human resource in Webster’s George and Herbert walker school of business and technology said the opportunities are endless. Studying in Greece is a life time experience. And there are many advantages studying there the students can go to beach, eat amazing foods, see Greek islands and can go tour throughout the world. In that university professors are resourceful and encouraging. And they have regular trips to historical sites and museums to understand history. Athens campus is beautiful with super location. Noah Laster a film production student said students can truly in the heart of city. On his first trip of abroad every students are friendly and patient. Other destinations and excursions in Greece are part of program. In this semester the students will travel to Ancient Olympia and learn about many things. Students can also visit the archaeological sites of Mycenae & Delphi and the ancient theatre of Epidavros. Their first weekend in Greece students travelled to the islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra. Group study excursions are part of study aboard. To participate in study abroad at the Athens campus students need not know about Greek language. Majority of students enrolled in Greek language course. Victoria Jewell said, learning second language with different alphabet is challenge. For the study abroad another popular course is community service learning. In this course students have an opportunity to volunteer in the local community and learn more about local culture and society. Apart from this students will be volunteering a local refugee agency in Athens, and they also helping meals to more than 200 refugees during the Webster works worldwide. And there is also another course known as two credit open water driver semester course. Many students are interested to learn how to dive in the blue water of the Aegean and learn about the underwater world. Activities like traditional Greek dancing classes are planned for students. Greece is a real delight and the campus feels personal the locals are welcoming and the food is too good. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

22 September, 2015
Several Thousand Students Explore Opportunities at Study Abroad Fair

On Sunday morning several students arrived at star hotel in the city to learn more about study in abroad. This study abroad fair was organized by IDP education where 8 universities from USA, 11 universities from UK, 6 universities from Canada and 4 from New Zealand interacted with young women and men to study abroad After the completion of registration students went through first round of counselling by IDP staff and they briefed about many universities. The young men and women to interact with representatives from overseas institutions. Every year many students planning to travel to abroad for higher studies with many doubts. This fair not only assists them to find right university but also help them accommodation and visa said, Ashish Arora, Director of sales IDP. He also said, they host these fairs in various cities. In Hyderabad students preferred UK and US. But in Chennai many students are open to Canada, US, Australia and UK. Compared to last year many students choose to study in abroad. When coming to institutions and scholarships have their own criteria. Jaismeen Sandhu an IT professional who choose Canada for higher studies says “Compared to other countries Canada is not expensive “and there are many better opportunities available. Another student Nishtha said, She had already been accepted into US university coming here she was able to clear all her doubts regarding assistantship and accommodation.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

21 September, 2015
Study Abroad Fair Encourages Students to Travel Foreign Nations

Faculty and students filled the crimson path on 16th September Wednesday, for international students study abroad fair shows it is the great opportunity to study in abroad.Students traverse many different options for a range of academic programs. EU travel options were well-known at the fair. But candidates also inspect to travel other areas such as Central America or Asia.There are several benefits in studying abroad said, Chad Berry assistant director of Education Abroad. Coming to the website of University’s study abroad there are 3 programs. Bundles cost tuition and UA credits are offered by faculty led program. With 29 partnered international universities for the cost of UA tuition full semester programs are available they can transfer credit also. Affiliate programs are third party partners that offers transfer credit in multiple countries but cost is not paid to the university. Cost is paid to the Affiliate.Last year 75% of students travel to Europe. The top 5 countries are France, Spain, England, Italy and Austria. Many students have travelled to Middle East or Asia and Central America. In abroad program above 120 majors were represented for academic programs.Brandon Green said it’s really hard to exaggerate how to how important it is to increase your horizons and experience a life from outside of America. And he also said the students who studied in China during his college career, there is nothing like truly visiting places you hear and read about interacting with new cultures and people.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

19 September, 2015
Scholarships & Financial Aid for one fifth of Students to Study in Abroad

In the year 2014 and 2015 one fifth of students studied in abroad received financial support from student financial services and from international studies office. The financial period fall and spring semesters as well as January term and summer terms. According to U.Va. Global website the students who are under graduated and graduated in abroad during 2014 and 2015 are more than 3000. 19% students received financial support from student financial service. University director of financial aid Scott Miller said students studying abroad have entrée to same financial support they would on ground expect for federal work. And students are also eligible for state and institution financial aid, federal. He also said the students who have not applied for this financial support can also receive scholarship, departmental awards from international studies office. Students can also apply to non university affiliated scholarships. There was a one student named Leah Day, she is from third-year and she studied abroad with U.Va. Program and completed her intern ship. Mean while her financial support did not provide much better. Day said, the director of her program provided her with information on scholarship with other departments. Compare to student financial service, random scholarship are more useful.  Day said she didn't get a lot of money from U.Va. Global interns. Finally she received scholarship from outside of student financial service and allowed her to study and live in Morocco for summer. Choosing to study in abroad in summer can also control the amount of financial support package. There are typically less grants during summer since students would not normally be in class.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

09 September, 2015
New Zealand attracts Overseas Students specially India and China

New Zealand is providing new information showing that third level institution has seen an increase in Chinese and India students on tough migration statistics. The new information says, the amount of permanent and long term migrants in the year to July was a net 59600. People with July month have many new migrations when compared to other months. Therefore this information boosted by students from China and India. And many people are returning to New Zealand from Australia. And job market war worse, And net loss of people also down in Australia. When compared to other countries the biggest groups of migrants are from India with a number of 13800 with 3 parts on student visa.  While 13500 were from UK on with New Zealand citizenship or work visas followed by 10400. About half on student visa migrants are from China. In the last year Whitireia, Wellington, Weltec had 35% increase in polytechnics, Health course, Engineering, Studying Business, IT. Many students are from India which reflects stronger Indian financial system in recent years and in New Zealand students are allowed to work while studying, said Weltec chief executive Chris Gosling. And he also said there is no sign of slowing because migration is high. Compared to other countries New Zealand financial system is doing better, therefore this attracts new arrivals. And there is one more point in second part of 2015 that unemployment rate increased slightly to 5.9% and for Australia it is 6.3%. In New Zealand many people are paying attention to move to Australia therefore Australia fell to post 1991 as low of just 240 people. When compare to other years and months July was down to less than 900.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

08 September, 2015
32% Increase Of Indian Students In US Universities

US colleges and universities experienced 32% rise in number of students from India since last year, as compared to 9% worldwide.For international students US release a weekly report by SEVP (student and exchange visitor program), therefore this is a part of customs enforcement and US immigrations. Since 2014 there has been 32% raise in students from India. 76% of all worldwide students are from Asia.For worldwide students the top ten countries included China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Canada.In US greatest percentage of raise in students are from Vietnam and India at 25.9% and 31.9% correspondingly, when compare to information extract from July 2014 SEVIS.Followed by 17% from China 24% of all students studying at school in the state of Texas are from India, SEVP said.Followed by India with nearly 150,000 China with reference to 300000 has the highest number of worldwide Students in the US.Most worldwide top five schools are Purdue University, Columbia University, University of Southern California, The University of Illinois, and New York University.At present there are 1.5 million worldwide students in the US who get F and M visa for studying in the country. There are many students studying engineering, mathematics, science, technology (STEM) fields in the US. In that 86% of international students studying STEM coursework from Asia.The students have to attend SEVP-certified school, once the students get acceptance from Ceritifed School they need to apply for US student visa. Therefore 81% of Indian students are highest for any country in STEM field, the report said.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn.

07 September, 2015
Education Ties stuck between India and Australia

Indian students for higher studies Australia has prominent one of the most particular overseas destinations.  Indian students had already gone to Australia for higher education, to research collaborations between top institutions in both countries Government was looking to expand educational ties with India said by minister Pyne. Indian students in Australia are increasing at around 15% annually. There is a stronger bond between educations institutions in both the countries. India is a bid step for Indian students who choose to return to work in India or take up further studies. Technical and further education will provide flexibility to both Australian students as well as Indian Institutions. Indian students who enrolled in Australian institution between January and June 2015 a large percentage joined vocational education & training courses. The Australian system is very strong and is designed to address workplaces specific skills requirement of different industries. Australia welcomes Indian students and feels that India students are the best ambassadors for their country. Depending on their level of studies, under the subclass 485 visa category students can work in Australia for a period of 18 months to four years. For international students and Indian after the masters, Doctorate degrees or bachelors in Australia this programme is a big reason. G8 universities work hard for attracting more top students from India therefore this will be taken as a new agreement.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn.

02 September, 2015
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