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Upto 67 percent Indians are Increase to study in New Zealand

There has been an increase of 67 per cent in the number of Indian students enrolling in universities in New Zealand in the last financial year, High Commissioner of New Zealand to India, Grahame Morton said on August 11, 2015. “New Zealand has emerged as a new destination for Indian students who want to study abroad and over 20,000 Indians studied at New Zealand campuses in 2014, an increase of 67 per cent than the earlier year” Morton said."New Zealand provides quality education in a safe and welcoming environment with a range of lifestyle and recreation options for students. The focus of our education system on excellence, creativity and innovation and nurturing work-ready graduates in something that Indian families value," he added. Citing India as one of their priority target for International students, Ziena Jalil, Education New Zealand (ENZ) Regional Director, South and South-East Asia said “India is one of our priority markets for international students and over the past few years, we have engaged with Indian students through variety of innovative campaigns and look forward to strengthen this relationship forward.” New Zealand offers various scholarship programs to provide Indian students with an opportunity to have various options open, said Jalil. "There are various scholarship programs available like PM’s Sports Scholarship, PM’s scholarship for Asia and Christ Church Scholarship, their amount may differ from course to course," she added. Talking about the popular courses among Indian students studying in New Zealand, Jalil said "Management and Accounting are the most popular courses among Indian students there followed by IT and Engineering, Food technology, agricultural studies, aviation training and business studies." New Zealand has come up with some easy visa facilities for students by introducing online immigration so that it is no longer required to depend on physical offices, paper applications and manual processing, said Nathnael Mackay, Manager Immigration of Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New Zealand."We also provide e-medical facility that makes it possible for the physicians to submit the health certificates of the visa applicants online that saves time and efforts," he said. Student visa holder are also provided with 20 hours work permit during their term and full term work permit during holidays, in fact the partners of post-grad students are qualified to apply for the visa to join onshore, added Mackay. Education New Zealand (ENZ), a government agency for International business is also coming up with its multi-city education fairs series in India. The fairs will be held on August 22, 23 and 29 in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi respectively to create awareness among Indian Students and parents about the Education opportunities for Indians in New Zealand.Resource: more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn   

12 August, 2015
Studying in Quebec paves way to Canada PR for International Students

According to the reports, certain international students plan to travel to Canada this fall, while the others might prefer in 2016.  While studying in Canada, and considering permanent settlement, preparation is vital. High quality education system with affordable fees, safety and secure places to live, to get more chances of employment options, easy way to get PR options etc, features brings the candidates to migrate to Canada. Young people who ever planning to study in Canada are choosing Quebec as their destination. Many professionals, individuals and students are opting Quebec for the purpose of work, study and settlements, as it is welcoming more than 45,000 candidates per year and the count is increasing drastically. Quebec - An exciting and dynamic and multicultural place where it offers wide range of study options to the students by its world ranking universities. The social environment and permanent immigration options can change the mindset of young people to get settled in Canada.For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

05 August, 2015
AMDSB launches NEW app to assist foreign students in Canada

A modern App has been developed by Avon Maitland District School Board (AMDSB) which shapes a new trend in overseas education. A Canadian based school board which is located in Stratford has tie up with University of Waterloo and launched a new app for foreign students. This app welcomes the students before they land in Canada. The app provides quality educational services to the students in Canada. It is also aims the students to prepare their time in Canada. By using this app more than 200 international students from Huron and Perth countries have been accepted to get admit in their schools. Besides it also plays as a best marketing tool.The features of this app would become handy tools for students to learn about Canadian culture and easy to use. If a student feels that if he/she first time to Canada then this app would be a good guide. In one word it can be say as “A CANADIAN FRIEND”.

04 August, 2015
Seminar conducted to assist students to land in their destined nations for education

The students have dreams about overseas education but don’t have relevant ideas about the procedure to apply and fulfilling their dreams, such people who swings between odds and evens of aroused things about the foreign education such as the availability and course options, kind of institutions, procedures, scholarship facilities, fee structure and others. In order to help, to counsel, to and offer best service for such candidates a seminar was held at Thane College for up to two hours hereby foreign education consultants. During this seminar, they shares vast information on studying abroad. Many directors and experts from different domestic and international institutions have revealed their experiences to the students on abroad education to direct their career paths. More than 100 students attended the seminar of study abroad given by the leading educational consultants. Students today want to go abroad not only for the high salaries and to be live as in luxurious life, but also because of the quality education system there offered there. . Even they students don’t bother about the fee structure and expenditure requirement for their education. They may also fail to make right choice regarding selection of university, college, course etc.. but still they prefer to study abroad for bright future. In the seminar, As the career counsellors and consultants, provided it is a responsibility to open all options available to them. Only it could be possible through to get prepare for admission counselling. Thus it could be a golden path to a golden success.For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

03 August, 2015
US to welcome more international students

At present, Nagpur city is on the radar of leading US universities or educational institutions as they seek to lure admissions for undergraduate courses. On 29 July 2015, representatives from 15 famous US universities, which were in the city to confer with students regarding the wide range of courses as well as scholarships offered in the US campuses over there. According to the sources, Indian students are really amazing as well as very hard working. The representatives of US universities said that they are feeling pleasure to have them in the campuses. The education cost in overseas can be staggering however it can now be tackled to certain extent through scholarships. The United States is going to offer scholarships up to $20,000 per year for students. A number of international students especially from prefer to study in US. There are nearly 1.03 lakh Indian students in US universities or colleges. Additionally 52% of all students who are going abroad go to the US, which is an astounding number.For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

01 August, 2015
Increased number of International Students flocking to US

The United States of America is considered as a land of opportunity for pursuing higher education. Thus, in the previous year, there were nearly 1 million international students registered in US universities and colleges. Most of the international students, travelling to US are from India and China, followed by South Korea as well as Saudi Arabia.  At present, nearly 5.4% of students in US colleges sleet from various overseas nations– a 14% up from previous year and an 85% rise from 10 years ago. The 1.2 million overseas students pursuing studies in the United States contribute nearly $34.6 billion total in tuition as well as other spending. As per the 2014 Open Doors Data, 65% of funding for international students comes from family and personal finances, but 78% also say the entice to the States comes from more dynamic university employment efforts. In fact, 19% reports that the American Colleges covered part of the costs either trail programs or overseas government scholarship programs. At present, nearly 50% of all international students come from China, South Korea and India collectively. While the leading places of source were all Asian at the start of the century, 2015 witnesses a blend of Asian Canadian and Middle Eastern. For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

31 July, 2015
Australia launched new help desk for international students

Entering to a foreign country for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially for the large number of students who arrive in Australia each year. Thus, Sydney airport in Australia has arranged a help desk or welcome desk, with an intention to minimize the stress of students when they land in Australia at the international airport. According to the Stuart Ayres, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events, the new help desk helps to make sure overseas students feel welcome into the country. The latest surveys have focused that the initial, 24 hours are vital to students forming their perspectives about residing and studying in New South Wales. He also explained that experience demonstrates executing easy gesture, such as a welcome desk, fosters students to come back as ambassadors for the State as well as supports further growth in the field. The Welcome Desk for International Student at Airport serves as an avenue, whether students are entering in Sydney or visiting on to regional New South Wales to their university or education institution. In the previous year, overseas students generated $6.3 billion in export income for New South Wales, the State’s major service export. Nearly 300,000 international students study in Australian educational institutions or universities, which represents one-fourth of total higher education student populace. For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

30 July, 2015
More International students in New Zealand seeking job in city

The new jobs plan aims to maintain more Dunedin's 3000 international students in the city for longer. The Dunedin City Council as well as its partners, the University of Otago & Otago Polytechnic, has promulgated plans for a latest Job Ready program in Dunedin.The plan was to connect international students in Dunedin's with the city's businesses as well as employers, to assist more students to seek jobs as well as keep their skills in Dunedin in New Zealand. Apparently, employers in Dunedin's would be able to valve into the skills of the city's overseas student body, many of whom willing to stay. A number of overseas students aspire to continue their lives and careers in New Zealand, however due to the lack of specific skills and contacts for native employment contexts, to assist them change from study to work. During the same time, New Zealand made major investments in increasing its overseas student market, and those who finished their studies symbolizes an incredible opportunity. According to the sources, in Dunedin, country’s tertiary institutions teach highly skilled students and their internationalized perspectives can assist businesses to grow their new markets. With the support from Education New Zealand, the program was being piloted in Dunedin and employers were fostered to create contact if they were willing to take part. For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

29 July, 2015
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