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Australia to boost international student's number

Victoria in Australia is planning a significant extension of the count of fee-paying overseas school students it brings into the country’s education system.Overseas education sector is the state’s major single export earner, bringing $4.7 billion in a year, however it depends on universities and vocational education.The increasing demand for overseas parents to send their child to Australian schools has been recognized by state government as a development opportunity.Nearly 90% of international school students prefer to study territory courses.Victoria consists of one third of country’s international school student market with 5055 full fee paying overseas students.Among these 2815 are studying in government schools; by the end of May the overall count of international students at schools in Australia had grown by over 12% in the previous year to 15,891, of which approximately 50% were from China.According to the state government discussion, a trend especially from international students in China, means that progressively more parents are preferring to send their children overseas to study from a younger age.The proposal was welcomed by president of Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals, Judy Crowe; an earlier principal at Melbourne Girls College.She said that the challenge was to foster foreign parents to consider sending their children to regional and suburban schools.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

17 July, 2015
New Rules Announced for UK Tier 4 Student Visa

The United Kingdom has announced some major reforms to its tier 4 student visa rules. According to the Britain, Indian graduate and post-graduate students who are visiting UK to study for the first time, are permitted to work for a period a period of 20 hours per week in term time and full-time during holidays. International students aspiring to study in the UK - replicate degree, would now have to demonstrate that it is tending to education sequence. UK tier 4 student visas, is granted for international students whose age is more than 16 years and have been offered a course to study in the UK. Effective August, new students who are enrolled in publicly funded colleges are not permitted to work. The new laws enable university students to take up new courses at the similar level, only when the earlier course is related. The universities also confirm that this supports student’s career goals. This would be supported by reliability interviews and approves against universities who abuse this law. New reforms also allow college students to extend their Tier 4 visas in the UK only if they study in embedded college. This move makes them to depart the nation and apply for new UK visa from overseas nation, if they would like to study other course. The new changes help to minimize immigration abuse and ensure that the country maintains competitive edge and lure elite international students. The United Kingdom continues to welcome elite students to its world class educational institutions or universities. These reforms will not affect international students pursuing their studies at the UK University at degree level or above. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

16 July, 2015
Victorian schools in Australia lure international students

The Australian government appealed that international students must registered in more Victorian schools in order to enhance the country’s education sector in the impending decades.  In the world there is a global completion from various other English speaking nations. Thus, to increase Australia’s popularity among other leading nations, the country is targeting to lure more international students. Effective March 2015, around 5055 full-fee-paying international students registered in Victorian schools, with numerous students visiting Victoria each year under sister-school as well as exchange programs. Over 4000 overseas-based students have registered in the VCE since 1998. Government paper coincided with, Committee for Melbourne report that aspires to begin a plan to safe guard Melbourne's international education field, subsuming greater overseas competition. In the United States, the government has agreed to grant six-year work permit to overseas students once they become graduates, this move results in the rise of international student enrolments in the country. The report emphasizes the need of governments and business to announce employment opportunities for international students while studying and after completing their graduation. Moreover, sporting clubs can also play a vital role by having volunteers take international students to matches. The government paper stated that, the education providers in Australia appeals students not only from India and china but also from Latin America, Indonesia and the Philippines. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

15 July, 2015
CommonBond to expand MBA loan choices for international students in US

International students eager to acquire an MBA at an US university will now have extra funding options gratitude to the new joint venture between Prodigy Finance and CommonBond. Post-graduate overseas students who seek CommonBond for financial support options would find their applications processed by Prodigy Finance, who will start the loan’s rules and regulations. Initially, Prodigy was expanded by three MBA student graduates in 2007. Foreign investors, subsuming business school alumni, are hired to sponsors the loans. Till date platform has financed $50 million in loans to individuals representing 90 various races. In 2012, approximately 1 in 8 of the 472,000 students registered in US business schools are from foreign nations. Their financing options are restricted as they do not meet the criteria for federal loans. They require a credit-worthy United States resident to cosign any loan from an American bank. According to the sources, though it is difficult to finance an overseas MBA, the government has still launched Prodigy Finance 8 years in the past as a path of providing infinite loans to overseas MBA students when allowing investors to attain a viable financial as well as a social return by investing in these students. Prodigy Finance stated that they are excited to maintain a partnership with CommonBond as it further vision is to create international funding choices for overseas post-graduate students.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

14 July, 2015
Tuition fee hike dropped for International students at Memorial University's

Here's a wonderful piece of news for individuals who would like to study in Canada's leading university - Memorial University's. Earlier the Canadian government has announced tuition fee hike for international students. However, this announcement has protested by number of students and recently, the government has scrapped tuition hike for international students who wants to study in Memorial University’s Board of Regents. According to the reports, international students explained the reasons why such increase in tuition fee was not only incorrect but also shows a negative effect on international student body at MUN. As part of 2015 budget, the Canadian government scrapped the operating grant to Memorial University by over $20 million - $318 million, down from $339 million. The federal government aims to lure international students with this move. And, the drop of tuition fee hike brought happiness among the international students.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

13 July, 2015
International students to obtain extra funding from Ontario

The government of Ontario has decided to expand funding for graduation to international students after years of negotiations and lobbying by universities. After the discussions, no new money is attached and instead, commencing this semester, a maximum of one-fourth of new graduate students spots will be funded by the province. According to the province wide, a maximum of 130 spots can be reallocated for overseas graduate students under the latest policy, but negotiations begin on how the program can expand in the future. At the University of Toronto, the change will means the school will be able to admit more students from outside Canada that helps to hire and maintain top faculty. Though tuition for overseas students in graduate programs has increased twice or more that of native students, numerous universities cover living and tuition costs. So far, Ontario universities had absorbed those costs. Many of the other provinces cover financing for graduate students from overseas, either in part or entirely. One third of all international students who enter to Ontario and the province required to ensure it does not fall behind. Graduate students stated that they welcome the news of bringing international perspectives to their work, but they expect the universities uses some of the finances to assist international students through new scholarships. Already, computer science, engineering and science have far more students from overseas than from native. In some areas, as many as two-thirds of applications are from overseas students.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

11 July, 2015
Indian students are keen to study aboard

In the mission for an international and supreme education, Indian students continue to head to the US and other nations for undergraduate studies. According to the Institute of International Education's (IIE) 2014 Report, there were 12, 600 students from India who are registered in undergraduate courses in the US during the academic year 2013-14. Usually, Indian students are more liable to vocational and engineering courses. Conversely, there is a huge interest in the fields of Humanities, fine arts, Computers and other study areas. Application to the overseas universities must not be sent halfway of 12th grade as result is to be taken previous and outside India it's something over academics that have to be considered.  US College applications comprise of standardized test scores (SAT), academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays, volunteer work, and details of extra-curricular activities and so on. In order to fulfil the huge criteria, preparation must be done from 9th standard itself. The College Board also offers free resources to assist students with both the decisions. Indian students to get admissions in the US colleges, they have to take the SAT, and for United Kingdom, they typically take the TOEFL/IELTS test. Prior to giving test, students must familiarize themselves with exam pattern or format, perform full-length tests, and focus on timing. It is significant to study mock test results, decide one's weakness, as well as then spend time to hone skills and progress their test scores. Though college applications need a lot of effort, with timely advice, advanced planning and commitment, they can fulfil their dreams and admit into colleges that are fit for them, and move a step forward towards their successful careers and lives.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

10 July, 2015
Lithuania witnesses surge in Indian students

In a bid to laid paths to higher education in Europe, a number of Indian students are heading to Lithuania. This EU nation has recorded vast rise in the count of Indian students flocking to its universities with the latest data demonstrating that the count of Indian pursuing full-time higher studies in the Baltic nation have increased from 37 in 2011 to 357 in 2014. During 2012, there were nearly 57 Indian students enrolled in Lithuanian colleges which have increased to 224 in previous year. In 2015, the count of Indian students is likely to breach 500. During January to June 2015, Study in Lithuania site has visited 64,931 times. The most of the travelers came from the following nations such as India with 7.695 sessions, Ukraine with 5.789 sessions, United States with 4.944 sessions, Belarus with 3.393 sessions and Russia with 3.996 sessions. In the previous year, the most renowned Lithuanian university or educational institution amongst Indians was the Kaunas University of Technology with nearly 248 students registering there. As per the statistics gathered by the Study in Lithuania department, in the previous year the only nation which surpassed India in the count of students in Lithuania was Belarus. According to the Sources, Indian students are diligent, sincere and very careful. Their presence in country’s universities is raising the bar of excellence. This EU nation is known internationally for its expertise in laser agricultural, medical sciences, technology, engineering and courses in art. India is one of the top 5 source nations that supplied international students to Lithuania.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

09 July, 2015
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