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Korea as top notch study destination

In a bid to raise the count of international students in Korea from 84,000 in 2014 to 200,000 by 2023, the government is vowing to make universities or educational institutions more foreigner-cordially.The Ministry of Education has revealed latest policy initiatives to restart the once-booming tendency of studying in Korea.Most remarkably, the ministry revises regulation to enable colleges to unlock departments for overseas students. Additionally, the ministry intends to assists international students to start more English-taught degree courses in engineering and sciences that would be more supportive for overseas nationals in terms of obtaining an employment in the country’s labor market. The ministry also added more firms to the government's job support program for I international students. As per the ministry, the 10 most renowned universities or colleges for overseas nationals are all situated in the capital.In order to foster colleges, located outside Seoul to lure international students, the ministry gives 18.8 billion won in 2015 to both schools as well as individual departments, which show specific plans as well as vision.In an attempt to assist international students, the ministry sponsors a six week program, in which nearly 100 international students from Asian nations visit Korean colleges.As the count of high school graduates is likely to fall short of college entry quota from 2018, the ministry thinks that luring more international students is a vital task to maintain country’s national competitiveness.The ministry also said that obtaining overseas talent has become more vital. The country continues to work hard to boost and encourage the superiority of country’s higher education.Overseas students account only 2% of total registration in Korea’s higher education when compared to 18% in the UK and 19% in Oz. The OECD average is 8% and the ministry stated that, if everything goes well, the international students' ratio increases to 5% by 2023.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

08 July, 2015
Belarus most sought-after destination for Indians MBBS Students

USSR nations have always been a most sought after destination for Indian students since decades. Belarus medical education has grabbed the attention of applicants in the previous few years for easy reasons like affordable fee, easy availability of seats and good academic facilities. In a private medical college, each seat costs no less than 30 lakh, the similar course will be finished in Belarus spending around 20 lakh. Gomel University has formed over 300 students of Indian origin as Doctor of Medicine (MD) that is similar to MBBS in the nation. The number of Indian students is growing at the University which paves a practical as well as clinical base education structure i.e. European inspired. The University welcomes the elite faculty whose number is over 500 with 16 clinical departments, dedicated work rooms and more. The fee per semester costs nearly Rs 1.33 lakh as well as can be paid in two terms. The overall fee of 6 year program at Gomel University is 20 lakh towards the University as well as accommodation.  For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+          

07 July, 2015
Scholarships paves way to best programs

Pursuing MBA is a huge economic commitment, however to ease some of the stress, there are an increasing count of business scholarships to assist the bank balance. Leading universities in US leads its way, whereas Asia and Europe are still catching up. At Stanford Graduate School of Business, nearly 50% of the MBA students during the 2014-15 academic year obtained awards, paying for 58% of their tuition. In Europe, at London school, one-fifth of 410 present MBA students obtain scholarship paying an average of nearly 40% of tuition fee. Awards can even cover other costs too. Scholarships not only cover the full tuition fee, it also includes monthly allowance of and travel expenses. Scholarships will be granted based on the student demographic profile, which in turn leads to varied classes. The director of MBA program, Shimin Chen of Ceibs in China states that among those who have obtained funding during 2013- 2014, over 43% were international students. He said that as more and more Chinese organizations go global, the economy has a great requirement for top overseas talent. Identifying this need, the government has allocated more scholarships for overseas students. In order to enhance your chances of obtaining merit-based finance, it is necessary to get to know the admissions team to discover what qualities they are searching for.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

06 July, 2015
UKCISA launches grant scheme to support UK Universities

The UK Council for International Student Affairs has introduced a new grant proposal that supports UK universities and educational institutions to be more spirited in offering quality international student experiences. Promulgated at the UKCISA, the grant proposal supports both research and pilot projects, which assists to enhance international students experience at colleges or universities and student unions. The chief executive of UKCISA, Dominic Scott, said that as much of dialogue within the UK education sector is centre on visa-concerned matters, it’s time to turn over the discussion. However, most of the people get back making sure that the UK offers best international student experience, than other competitor in the world. UKCISA members can put forward a scheme for one among the 10 pilot project issues of maximum £2,000, or one of two research issues a maximum of £5,000. The scheme is presently set to run in 2015 and 2016, and Scott admits that when there is a lot of work to be ended, it helps to broaden the agenda. According to the sources, it is significant to not overlook that overseas students are not just for the country’s economic benefit, there is a genuine value of international education as well as international students and the UK must keep the narrative further as well.  For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

04 July, 2015
UNEC launches online admission for international students

The Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) has now announced online admission rules for international Students for 2015 to 2016 academic year in line with the esteemed world universities’ standards. The UNEC, is the only State University of Economic profile in Republic of Azerbaijan and one among the major higher education institutions of Southern Caucasus, declares admission of international students on 21 specialities to the graduate or undergraduate levels. Trainings are held in Russian, English, Azerbaijan and Turkish. Overseas nationals submits the required credentials through online making a option of main and training language as well as gains the privilege of studying in case of eligibility.  The recommendation letter is also needed to submit by the overseas students. At the next stage, international students are invited to interview through “Skype”. And, the Deadline for submission of credentials is 10 September 2015. So, hurry up! And apply to get admission in this leading university. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

03 July, 2015
Canadian universities still opened its doors for Higher education in September 2015

Summer indicates is the end of examinations and graduation for most of the students from higher secondary school. Even students in Canada are also covering up, with a university or college offer letter in hand. Many of international student, feels less relaxed as they believe that after the end of summer doors for Canada’s post-secondary education will be already closed. But, in fact that is not the case. A number of advanced schools in Canada have met these challenges as well as offer a wide variety of options that satisfies students who are still hoping to start studying in the Canadian university this September. When higher research universities do not accept students following spring entrance deadlines, numerous colleges grant admission to programs if there is space accessible. If students miss a last date or do not get qualified academically for direct access to university in Canada, then it is yet feasible to begin similar course work and, if triumphant, move to universities at second or third year level. If completed properly, this takes four years. A number of international students choose this method as it combines the hands-on and student-centred move towards a college education with the conventional academic skills stipulated by university. Additionally, the cost of college program can symbolize a maximum of 40% in savings for identical course work.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

02 July, 2015
US student visa applications up for STEM fields especially from India

With the growing popularity of STEM courses, a huge rise in number of student’s visa applications from India is observed at the US embassy. According to the report, applications from potential international students to US post-graduate programs augmented for the 10th successive year, resulted by double-digit increase in India. As per the annual report of Council of Graduate Schools’ on preliminary overseas graduate applications, 676,484 international students has applied for post graduation degree programs in the US between autumn in the previous year and March in this year, an increase of 2% as compared to last year. This is partially because of 12% rise in applications especially from potential students in India and to a slighter amount, augments from Brazil (4%), Mexico (8%), Canada (2%) and South Korea (4%).Yet the major nation, which shows over one-third of international students i.e. 39% is China. However, the flock of students from China to US has reduced by 2% for the third successive year. Notably, the continuous decline of students from China and further rise from India shows the start of new trend. On a whole rise in student visa applications mainly seen in popular STEM subjects, with programs in life sciences 16%, engineering 4%, physical sciences 14% and the major field of study among overseas students, all seeing growth. Among all the US post graduation programs, STEM fields’ accounts 50% of applications. This report was based on the study responses from 377 schools, which includes 80% of top 100 universities awarding large number of degrees to overseas graduate students in the USA. Following the completion of application cycles in universities, final application as well as enrolment figures will be summarized in a record later 2015. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

01 July, 2015
Australia recovering as popular study destination for Indians

Australia is quickly recovering as a most popular study destination for number of Indian students as their joining during the initial four months of 2015 has soared to more than 48,000 when compared to around 37,000 students during the similar period in the previous year.        The second largest group of international students in Australian universities or educational institutions came from India, following China. In 2015, during initial four months (January to April) the total count of international students enrolled in Australian universities is 48,311—increased, when compare to 36,964 during the equivalent period in 2014. Mainly the increase in student’s enrolments has seen in sectors like higher education where the count has stood at 25,439 during first four months when compared to 17,694 within the same period in the last year. Enrolments of international student’s in Vocational Education & Training field (VET) from India during the same period have increased from 16,772 in 2014 to more than 18,350 in 2015. Among all the states, Victoria has witnessed the highest count of Indian students for pursuing higher education at more than 11,000 enrolments between January and April this year, increased from 7,611 enrolments during the similar period previous year. The Melbourne based Consul general, Monika Jain, said that Victoria's business with India was very positive in the field of education and Indian students market in the Australian state was actually picking up. The state Victoria has witnessed a largest number of Indian students followed by New South Wales. A number of Australian states including Victoria as well as NSW have been working on bolstering their economic ties with India by outlining methods to improve trade as well as investment particularly in education field. In a proposal to strike Indian students market, New South Whales labor leader Luke Foley newly demanded opening doors for thousands of Indian students during the impending years to Australia. Apparently, , a private training college owner who owns a school, number of aspects reformed the Indian registrations like simpler student visa evaluation levels, relaxed employment limitations and simplified visa processing. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

30 June, 2015
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