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Australia Arranges New Screening System For International Students

International students must prove to be genuine under the screening arrangements while they get the new simplified student visa in Australia. Australia’s simplified student visa framework started off at the beginning of July. It processes the applications and makes it easy for a student to apply for a visa and easy online navigation. All students and student guardians will be required to fill and submit their visa application online by creating an account in ‘ImmiAccount’ with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).The screening is done by, the International Admissions department of the university in Australia and education providers are must ensure that all applications which students submit should meet genuine temporary entrant requirements. International Students must have the financial capacity to support their study in Australia under the regulations provided by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)’s Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF). International applicant must submit a detailed personal statement to the university which must state that their sole reason for coming there is study purpose, along with their application. They must provide documentary evidence of financial capacity. A spokesman of Department of Immigration said, “If the university forms the opinion that you did not pass the pre-visa screening, it may refuse to assess your application, withdraw an offer of a place or cancel your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).”For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn 

26 July, 2016
Security Measures for International Students in the US Colleges

Once you enroll in the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), which is an approved institute in the United States, it is imperative to be aware of certain safety measures before your academic year begins. New students must be mindful of the developments in the Universities to which they are applying, in lieu of study programs. Students must clearly communicate with designated officials of educational institutes, with regard to safety related questions. An official can answer all your queries on security and wellbeing to keep you informed about the developments around institutions and visas. You can visit your school’s official website for security related information; depending on the available resources, you can find useful guidance. Students can use the ‘Campus Safety and Data Analysis Cutting Tool’ for security related issues of his/her campus. One can view crime reports (if any) of the previous three years within the University.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn 

23 July, 2016
Current Study Programs Offering High Career Opportunities

Determining a college degree which would be highly employable is the biggest financial decision a student can make. Picking a major that results in a return on investment, is equally paramount these days. College students are advised to "know before you go" on comprehending labor market performance of a particular degree.Jeff Stroh, who is a director of research at Georgetown University's Center on Education and Workforce, said that "It has become more critical for them to look at this data when making a decision because of the cost of education and the possibility of student debt," and stresses the importance of financial literacy when picking a degree. "There's nothing wrong with going into art, just realize what it gets you."A student from George Town, Cam Smith, 22, has opted for a Marketing Major course specializing in operations and information management. He chose the course based on its prospects of better employment and higher earnings post its completion. He quickly found an employment opportunity in a full-time marketing job at ‘Fundrise’. The student says that he was more "forward-looking" than a traditional business management major. The survey reports of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, suggest that information management and marketing are two majors that are in huge demand. The most sought degrees are computer science, mechanical engineering, business administration, accounting and finance.The table below showcases the top bachelor's degrees by name, demand and percentage of hiring. Top Bachelor's Degrees by Demand College Major Percent that Plan to Hire       1 Accounting 54.4 2 Computer Science 53.9 3 Finance 50.6 4 Business Administration / Management 47.8 5 Mechanical Engineering 46.1 6 Information Sciences and Systems 41.7 7 Management Information Systems 40.6 8 Electrical Engineering 39.4 9 Logistics/Supply Chain 37.2 10 Economics 35.6 10 Marketing 35.6 For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn 

22 July, 2016
Italy - Best Country to Study Abroad

According to a survey, Europe proves itself to be the best overseas study destination. And among all European countries, Italy has marked itself on the number one position as the best destination for students who are and who dream of studying abroad. Students can favor this country for their further studies.Italy has been designated to be the best country for study purpose in the opinion of the 6,000 millennials, or the adults under the age of 35. They filled out surveys for the 2016 Best Countries rankings. The rankings collaborated with brand strategy firm BAV Consulting, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, aiming to gauge global insights of the world’s biggest economies in terms of specific attributes associated with countries.The countries which follow Italy in the list are: Spain, USA, France and the UK. These countries are equally good and scored highest on the attributes based on culture, fun, and top quality universities and attractions. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn 

21 July, 2016
Scholarship Programs by US Universities for International Students

Students who cannot afford expensive education in the US need to always be informed about scholarship programs offered by Universities.  For foreign students, the cost could be on the higher side. However, some Universities offer full scholarship programs as well as partial scholarships to international students. Students must understand that scholarships are very few and not always guaranteed.This article focuses on five institutions that offer scholarships to international students. This University offers more than five scholarship programs for international students. The popular scholarship program that attracts a huge number of international students is the ‘International Cultural Service Program’ or ICSP Tuition Scholarship. This program awards $7,000-$27,000 for international students.The ‘Global Scholars’ program of Clark University is for first-year international students. Based on academic standards, the scholarship shall be extended for the remaining four years. A student receives no less than $5,000 per year.    Scholarships range from $6,000-$25,000 for a year and all international students are eligible for this program. For the initial first year, students are awarded scholarships and based on their academic caliber; scholarships are extended for the next few years. The ‘Lotus Scholarship’ of the University of The West, is for international students who have high academic standards. The Scholarship program has two categories, the Lotus Gold Scholarship and the Lotus Silver Scholarship. The Lotus Gold Scholarship Grants $10,000, and Lotus Silver Scholarship Grants $5,000 to international students. The University of Arkansas offers ten different scholarship programs to international students. There are three different Chancellor’s Scholarships ranging from $5,000-$10,000 a year for international students.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn 

20 July, 2016
San Diego University Ranked 14th Best College in the United States

Considering future earnings of the students and other factors post completion of education, University of California San Diego (UCSD) was ranked 14th best college in the United States by Money Magazine. The report suggests that it is one of the top Universities for research in the world.The comprehensive report by the magazine is highly acclaimed for its renowned science program and qualified teachers. In six years, 86 percent students graduate from UCSD.  This is comparatively high by 19 %, and 40 % students come to these colleges from low-income families.According to the magazine,  it takes 4.4 years on an average for a student to graduate.  Five years later their average income is $53,700. UCSD was ranked 17th best university in the world by Saudi Arabia-based World University Rankings.San Diego State University (SDSU) was ranked 246th out of 705 ranked colleges. SDSU has the highest rate of graduation compared to other universities which have similar kind of tests and students with different economic backgrounds. Universities such as Harvard, Michigan, Princeton,  Rice and UC Berkeley compare on the Money magazine list as well.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn 

19 July, 2016
US Universities Offering Temporary On-Campus Visas To International Graduates

The United States’ universities have started programs to help foreign graduates with innovative ideas, which are exempted from the H1B visa categories.  Eligible candidates are provided temporary permits on-campus for developing businesses. The University of Massachusetts started such a program in 2014 that paved way for 20 graduates to obtain visas. The respective businesses created jobs for around 260 people in the United States. Similar programs are offered by the University of Alaska-Anchorage, University of Colorado-Boulder, Alaska Pacific University, Babson College and the City University of New York. The head of the Global Entrepreneur Residence Program in UMASS, William Brah, said that such programs serve international students who could not secure H1B visas. "Every year, we figure Massachusetts says goodbye to over 1,000 graduate students who otherwise want to stay and start a company," Brah said. "It's stupid. You couldn't come up with a more flawed immigration system if you tried." The H1B visa allows people with specialized knowledge to work in US industries through a lottery system. Every year,  85000 H1B visas are granted to the foreign professionals.   For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn 

18 July, 2016
Study Group Announces Two More Pathway Partnerships

To further its reach in the North American region, Global education provider has announced two new partnerships in the United States. The group also announced a new pathway at one of its existing centers. Presently the Study Group has partnered with 10 Universities in the US. The new pathways at Texas A&M University and City College of New York increase the total count to 10. These Universities recognize the diverse campuses and stand for benefit of the students.  The pathway program will allow international students to integrate with the University community and complete the study program within the timeframe. Study Group will work in collaboration with the partnered companies to increase the intake of international students into the Universities. The United States of America is the world’s popular destination for international education. International Students come to the United States to bank the benefit from the world-class education. In return, students add significant value to the economy, society and culture.  For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

13 July, 2016
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