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Mexico to grant Scholarships for International Students in 2016

Since many years, the Mexican cultural diplomacy worked in varied thriving programs, such as human capital training via scholarships for academic degrees granting as well as research work performing in varied areas of knowledge. The Directorate-General for Educational & Cultural Cooperation, by the Academic Exchange Department, manages and designs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs´ Scholarship Program for overseas nationals. The Mexican Government scholarships will be offered for special programs and academic studies. The scholarships for academic studies are provided for Specialization, Master´s or PhD degree programs. Similarly, the offer subsumes academic mobility for Postgraduate and Bachelor´s Degree. Alternatively, the scholarships for particular programs are offered to engage in short-term fellowships. Mostly, the scholarships will be awarded based on individual’s academic excellence. The following is the eligibility criteria for scholarships. · Applicants cannot be residing in Mexico at the time of application. · Excluding in some special cases, scholarships can’t start in November or December. · All credentials and forms should be in Spanish or submitted with translations into Spanish. · Applicants will be intimated about the results by the corresponding Mexican embassy or designated Mexican university or institution. The following are the value of Scholarship · Enrolment and tuition fee · Health Insurance · Monthly Stipend · Transportation from Mexico City to the Institution Scholarship duration will be as follows: · For undergraduate & graduate academic mobility programs- one academic term · Graduate research & post doctoral fellowships-12 months or minimum 1 month · Specialization-1 year · Master’s degree- 2 Years · Doctorate- 3 years · Medical specialities & sub specialities- 3 YearsFor more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

19 June, 2015
Australia announces reforms to its student visa process

The federal government has announced few amendments to Australia student visa process with an intention to boom the country’s education sector in the international market. According to the Christopher Pyne, Education Minister and Michaelia Cash, Assistant Minister for Immigration, the number of student visa types would be minimized from eight to two and the existing visa risk evaluation system, which favors universities as well as a restricted number of other education providers or institutions, would be restored. The reforms come into force as the count of overseas students is increasing highly, given that an export boost to counterbalance the bend in the resources field. In 2015, the acceptance of new students is at high level ever in March quarter, up from 11.5% when compare to 2014. The latest system which is going to be launched during mid-2016 is especially designed to welcome private education institutions or providers, the majority of whom were excluded from the SVP (streamlined visa processing) system launched by the Gillard Labor government. The CEO of Australia’s Council for Private Education & Training, Rod Camm, said that the private college welcomes new reforms. He also said that the country’s student visa system is presently so difficult that colleges as well as universities attending education fairs can spend half of their time illumination the visa system rather than talking about education quality. Thus, under the new system - simplified student visa framework (SSVF), international students applying for education providers will be reviewed for visa risk under a sole framework.  Apparently, Australian universities welcomes new system and the latest simplified student visa process boosts support as well as equity an atmosphere where high-class as well as low risk providers can flourish. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

18 June, 2015
Australia witnessed a drastic increase in international student's enrolment in 2015

Australia is hit the headlines yet another time for all good reasons. In 2015, the count of international students studying in Australia has hit the peaks. More overseas students commenced their study courses in Australian universities or colleges or English schools. This time the country has witnessed a drastic rise in international student’s enrolments than ever before. The reason behind this drastic increase is lower dollar rate, simpler visas and a scheme that enable students to reside in  Australia for 18 months after completing their graduation. Approximately, 147,000 student's commenced courses during the initial three months of 2015, over the past first quarter record of 142,400 reached in 2009, a high record in the last education export boom. Even higher education institutions as well as university also took their ever largest intake of international students this year, with 61,493 commencing courses in the initial quarter. In response to the statistics, this week, the federal education Minister Christopher Pyne, commissioned a review of economic benefits of education exports emphasized on the extra income as well as job opportunities created in native communities as well as stressing it's prospective to fill the gap in export income. In 2014, Australia welcomed nearly 590,000 international students, an increase to 12.3% when compared to earlier that year. Apart from lower dollar, international student numbers have been increased by two Labor government schemes, simplified student visa processing as well as visas that allow graduates temporary stays in Australia after the completion of graduation.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

17 June, 2015
Bahrain aims to become study destination in Gulf

With an intention to make Bahrain as a top destination for education in Gulf, the country plans to lure more international students to fill up 35% of all university places over the impending decade, as per the sources. Till now, the country had been one among the top education providers to international students. Within the GCC, the country has already been able to capture 10% of international students. As per the 2012 statistics, the kingdom lured more students than it sent abroad. According to the strategy paper grated last year by the Higher Education Council (HEC) that oversees tertiary education in Bahrain, stated that the kingdom had exceptional potential to lure international students from the region. In the National Higher Education Strategy 2014-24 studies, the HEC said that robust quality assurance policies as well as mechanisms were vital in developing confidence as well as luring international enrollments. It said that by doing so, Bahrain has emerged to the leading student-friendly, quality-focused higher education destination of the GCC. The Qualifications and Quality Assurance for Education and Training (QQA) has launched accordingly to the National Education as well as Training Development Project unveiled in 2006. This QQA not only evaluates universities or educational  institutions but also the qualifications granted in order to make sure international standards are met, a move that is critical if Bahrain is to raise the count of overseas students applying to start their courses in the kingdom. At present, Bahrain has over dozen of universities, a blend of private, public as well as regional institutions, all of which are focused to assessment by the QQA. The authority also offers quality control assessments of over 40 technical and vocational institutes, which are vital to the government’s educational plans to construct a workforce that can maintain the needs of diversified economy.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

16 June, 2015
South Australia releases more funds to lure international students

In a bid lure more international students to the Australian universities, this week the South Australian government budget provides $5.7 million over four years. According to the TREASURER Tom Koutsantonis, the fresh Destination Adelaide campaign boosts country’s competitiveness in enticing international students from major Asian markets whereas linking this with trade and tourism opportunities. Apparently, this investment is about expediting the growth of country’s international education field to drive the job creation and economy. In South Australia, education system is the fifth major export, reporting around 8000 local full-time jobs as well as its worth is likely $972 million economy each year. Over 30,000 international students are currently enrolled across the state. Australia—the land of kangaroos, has become one of the leading study destination for number of international students and every year the influx of international students to Australia has increased rapidly. Apparently, in 2015 the count of international students is likely to increase when compared to previous year. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

15 June, 2015
New Malta universities to lure international students

With an intention to give more power and global influence to the Malta’s educational sector, the government has intended to lure more number of overseas students. The education minister of Malta, Evarist Bartolo, said that the government believes that Malta’s tertiary education sector can become globally commended just as country’s English as a foreign language market is forced to be considered with internationally. He said that the new institutions were not planned to contend with native institutions or universities for native students, but they are meant to lure international students to the country. Making Malta universities or institutions globally competitive has always been confronted provided that the native university is free of charge for Maltese and EU nationals, he added. Citing the reforms in the legal notice governing standards for universities or educational institutions to be considered, he further said that institutions that want to be set-up in Malta need to prove that they had essential qualified, teacher’s leadership as well as programs. He added that the majority of the educational process based on reading as well as literacy and to that government had fortified libraries as well as literacy programs throughout the past two years. Moreover, efforts were made to put Marsa -course top among other race course in Europe, and make sure that the sport enjoys more global attentions. Finally, the education minister said that, the educational system require to provide more significance to encourage students to take part in the extracurricular activities like performing arts and sports. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

13 June, 2015
US F1 visa holders may get six-year work authorization under OPT

Here’s some good news for all the international students who would like to study in the USA. The Department of Homeland Security proposes to grant six year work permit for F1-visa holders.  The government is planning to revise the rules that would enable overseas students on F1 visas to work in the US for a period up to six years under Optimal Practical Training Program. Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training program are the two major employment options available to students holding F1 visa. Basically, OPT is a 12-month duration program, in which students can work in any field related to the study and find an H-1B sponsor. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students are qualified for an extra 17 month extension. CPT program allows international students to work for a period up to 20 hours in a week in the field related to their studies when they are still attending the school. At present, the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program permits overseas students to work in the United States in their respective field of study for 12-month period after completing their graduation. Overseas students from STEM programs can request an extra work authorization for between 14 and 29 months.  Under the new rules, overseas students with degrees in STEM fields are allowed get a maximum of 24-month extension beyond the initial 12-month period offered under OPT regulations. And, certified overseas students with non-STEM degree programs gets 24-month extension of OPT period, if they hold an earlier STEM degree DHS is planning to give similar level of benefits to F1 visa students that are given to H1-B visa holders.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

12 June, 2015
Indiana University Bloomington conducts IU2U program to lure more International students

With an intention to increase influx of students to the Indiana University Bloomington, a program named as IU2U program was held. This program will extend to subsume visits to other nations like India, South Korea and other location in China. Initially, the program was started in 2014 and conducted in China, Beijing and this year this program is also going to conduct at Shanghai. This program promotes student success by providing an opportunity for international students to prepare for the culture, engagement as well as academics opportunities. At present, 251 students as well as 200 parents have enrolled to take part in this year’s session. The statistics show that over 30% of all undergraduate international students commencing their studies at IU this fall. When students attend the workshop to study about culture, course selection, settling up academic and personal goals and curricular planning, their parents are welcomed to attend the workshop on assisting from the home as well as education in the US. The program’s workshop will conduct at Delhi on 17 June, Shanghai on 16 June and Beijing on 13 June. This year, each and every IU2U session will end with an alumni reception linking alumni in India, South Korea and China with the IU freshmen who are available at workshops. The Vice Provost office for undergraduate education at Indiana University Bloomington eases a broad range of activities that foster innovation as well as enhancement in the curriculum and leads campus-wide programs as well as initiatives in hold of excellent academic experiences for all undergraduatesFor more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

11 June, 2015
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