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More Indian students heading to study in the US

The United States is always been a desired destination for students. For every second student in India, studying in the US is really a dream. At present, the students especially from Gujarat are willing to pursue their higher studies in the US and later they are also showing their desire to work over there.The increasing success rate of visa applications and count of GRE takers helped India in breaking its three-year trend of declining count of students flocking to US for pursuing higher studies. During 2013-2014, India accounted a rise of 6.1% and in 2014-2015; it is likely to increase by 8%.The count of students, who want to pursue their studies in the US from Gujarat, is likely to increase by 10% as there has been considerable increase in number of visa applications in the state. Apparently, every year, 5000-6000 students from Gujarat move to US to study. And, this year there has been increase of 12% in visa applications along with considerable rise in success ratio of visa, simultaneously, in 2015 a 10% rise is anticipated in the count of students from Gujarat to the US. As per the Open Doors data on India from IIE, international, the count of international students in the US has augmented from 2013 to 2014 by 8.1% whereas, the rise for the entire South as well as central Asia region was 5.1%. The entire count of Indian students increased from 96,784 in 2012-13 to 1,02, 673 during 2013-14. Still, Indian graduate students continue to demonstrate a strong presence on the US universities.Admission offers to prospective students from India augmented by 24% in the previous year whereas increase in record enrolment of students was accounted 27% in 2014, increase from 17,278 to 21,889. On whole graduate registrations of students from India augmented 26%, the second successive year of double-digit rises in total enrolment among students from the nation.Students mostly prefer courses such asComputer engineering and sciencesElectronics and communicationManagement and related programsFor more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

10 June, 2015
Scotland to introduce post study work visa program for Indians

The Britain’s own home affairs committee requests David Cameron, Prime Minister of UK to review his previous announcement of eliminating of post study work visa that enables international students to work in the UK for a period of two years, after completing their studies. According to the sources, visa policy should be reviewed by introducing post study work visa for Indian students. The vice-chairman of Labour Party, Vaz, said that the ideal way to set up ties between nations is through young individuals from India arriving in to pursue their studies in the UK. He also added that Indians should come as well as study in London. Even, Scotland said to a leading news channel that it is planning to launch a special visa that enables Indian students to undertake work in Scotland for a minimum period of two years following the completion of their studies in the UK. In April 2012, UK government has eliminated Post-study work visa program, which has resulted in the decline of Indians students coming to the UK. Humza Yousaf, Scotland's Europe & global development minister said that the country is planning to begin the latest talent working in Scotland scheme visa, especially for Indians to study in Scottish universities and after which they can also undertake employment in the country. International students in the UK come from more than 190 nations.  On a whole, during 2013-2014, overseas students contributed £1,003 million fee to London colleges or universities. During 2013-2014 there were approximately 67,500 overseas students attended London universities - accounting up to 18% of total student populace in the capital, as well as 22% of 3,10,000 overseas students throughout the UK. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

09 June, 2015
Scholarship for international students offered by Japan

The government of Japan welcomed the applications from the foreign students for the scholarships in order to be educated in Japan.Scholarships are offered by the ministry of education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT) in order to pursue studies at a training college, which is specialized, college of technology and university for three, four, and five years which will be  beginning respectively on April 2016. The candidates eligible for the scholarship are those candidates who are born between the span of April 2, 1994 and April 1, 1999. The candidate should undergo a one-year course on the Japanese language before he/she joins the college. The different study fields which are offered during the program of the three year scholarship are Education and Welfare, Business, Personal Care and Nutrition, Fashion and Home Economics, Culture and General Education and Technology. The different study fields offered during the program of the four year scholarship are Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Maritime Engineering, Information Communication and Network Engineering and Materials Engineering. The study fields offered are Sociology, History, economics, science (MPC), Business administration, Mechanical studies, Pedagogy, Law, Politics, Chemical studies, Agricultural studies, Medicine and Dentistry, Hygienic studies and Biology. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

08 June, 2015
Ayusa international is seeking for Students exchange

Ayusa international has been functioning for 34 years and it is an organization which is non-profitable. It tries to enhance the lives of foreign students as well as the host families of America through an exchange program which is once throughout the lifetime. Lowndes county families have been given the chance to take part in this program for the school year 2015-2016. Ayusa regional manager South East Jwess Swishers stated that Georgia is the famous destination for the U.S. students of Ayusa exchange. Our host families of south are well-known for their hospitality and warmth in sharing the traditions and rich history of Georgia. Including homes with children or without children various groups of family are eligible such as retirees, singles, military families and empty nesters. The host families will be responsible for the supply of bedroom which may be shared with the student of same gender or private and three meals in a day. Students here are from 15 to 18 years of age. With this program above 60 countries are being involved. Every student is insured completely, skillful in English and get their money for spending. This experience does not go alone with the host families but a representative of the local community will be assigned for each family when he is also maintaining the contact regularly. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

06 June, 2015
Student loans should be allowed to be used abroad: David Willets

On June second, David Willets stated while speaking for the international higher education leaders of the British council's going global conference that his concern was that he could not implement the policy when he was minister. He compared our system with the others and stated that the system of funding our students in order to go abroad is weaker than the others. He thinks that, saying to spend the fee loans only at the British universities is protectionism which cannot be recognized.  In addition, he stated that he would tell the international ministers to provide schemes of scholarship to UK and in return will allow the student loans to be used by the English students in their nations on the condition that the main university should meet the required quality standards. Mr. Willets was questioned about his thought in the panel discussion which was titled as “Culture of finding: sustaining global higher education” that how an education system which is high and successful look like? He answered that given the monetary pressures facing most nations, it is the one which can sustain and increase the education resources, allowing more individuals in your nation to take part in the higher education, in spite of raising the national exchequer's pressure, but whilst making sure about the easy access and equity. Furthermore, he also stated that there is public funding in UK for high-cost subjects as well as high-cost students who have come from the backgrounds of low-income and so they were eligible for support financially or those who are unable to pay back their loans can have written off their loans after 30 years. He also praised the value of the role of higher education in the civil society's support in the country's development, but stated that the spending of UK on the overseas education aid was very low and shocking. In addition, he stated that he welcomes an original radical rethink which happened during the recent years in the World Bank and is still continuing in the Department for International Development from the past years education investment till recognizing the higher education.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

05 June, 2015
IC Catholic Prep partners looking to roll a red carpet for overseas students

IC Catholic Prep is planning to support international teenagers in their transition to high school by making a new partnership with the Greater Chicago International Academy and CERNET (China Education and Research Network) education. Proponents added that getting into new cultures and a language barrier between teachers and peers would be a much tougher task for international students whoever newly arrives the nation. One of the well-known directors at CERNET Education, Alice Wang noted in a statement that the new network is a China-oriented agency that operates as a middleman for students and parents keen about undertaking their higher education in abroad. The network offers varied study abroad program and hosts a diverse orientation for students and families to help all the parents to have a frequent communication with their beloved ones while they are away from their native country. The Greater Chicago International Academy is performing as a key mediator for the partnered American schools and network in the province of Chicago, according to Assistant Principal Stephanie Wang-Taillon. This well-renowned Academy provides accommodation, extracurricular activities, training English classes as well as the transportation facilities for Overseas Chinese students. The dorm-like ambiance also encompasses advisors and mentors for international students. Few of the concerned sources of the institution noted in a statement that this top-notch academy is acting as a parent for the international students. IC Catholic Prep is one among the five Christian schools in the province of Chicago that have formed key relations with the academy. Another well-known organization of the nation has as followed, the same pattern of IC Catholic Prep, said the sources. Director of Guidance Jean Field and respective principle Pamela Levar revealed in a statement that they are happy with the new collaboration that can provide structure and homely ambiance to its overseas students.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

04 June, 2015
Global initiative LSU aims to boost school’s brand worldwide and attract foreign students

The university is continuing to move forward in order to expand its purple-and-gold brand outside the local borders, even though the flagship institution of Louisiana is exhilarating itself regarding the cuts to its financial support of the state. LSA is working in order to raise the total enrollment by attracting more foreign students over a latest found partnership along with Shorelight education to the Baton Rouge according to the business report details of the current issue. The Shorelight is a specialized firm in managing and financing the foreign student recruitment for various universities throughout the world which is based on Boston. Over the coming five years, the partnership will be expected to increase the enrollment of the fresher’s around 3000 students. The effort is aimed to provide extra revenue to LSU through out-of-state payments for the tuition for the foreign students while providing the local students opportunities of undergraduate and study-abroad. LSU associate vice chancellor for enrollment management David Kurpis stated that overseas students are seeking for an American education with high-quality and inviting environment which has the experiences of an original American university. While LSU has faced fall in the financial challenges, the partnership of Shorelight gives a chance for university in order to improve and innovate the students through the collegiate experience. The possibility of the partnership is because Shorelight is taking the first step startup risk. The Foreign recruits will pay for LSU for the tuition out-of-state and only completion of an academic year will transfer back the fee of recruitment to Shorelight. Tom Dretter, CEO and co- founder of Shorelight stated that In order to know that this is a great opportunity, we have done the due diligence, but there is no need for the university to take any risk and is really not in the position of taking that risk.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

03 June, 2015
British Universities Urged To Recruit More Number Of Students From India

Johnson, one of the renowned persons of the province noted in a statement that British Universities have to recruit a number of overseas students from nations like an Indian to surge its economy. During his speech, he has given a pledge to roll out a red carpet for brightest international students who have a strong will to undertake their higher education in the UK.  Reportedly, the existing government of the province is also planning to lure more overseas students by offering an umpteen number of facilities. As per the recent statistics the nation, the count of Indian Student enrollment in renowned universities of the UK has dropped steadily. And Mr Johnson aspires to remove the misconceptions about the UK on not welcoming the foreigners. Few of the concerned sources of the nation noted in a statement that International students play as a vital source for the economy by paying tuition fees, travel charges and many. Furthermore, they also help to forge the culture and trade links between the nations. Proponents are planning to explain and engage in a proper manner with the students. Moreover, they have also planned to make clear that there is no cap on students who visit the nation for undertaking their higher education.  And there is no limit on the figure of former students who can stay on to work until they hold a valid graduate job. Earlier, the Indian students satisfaction rate was 90%, said Mr Johnson. He further added that they do even have a graduate repayment scheme that would be helpful to support a student financially during their stay. Existing government of the UK is also in a position to remove the cap on the count of UK students that public universities of the province can recruit. However, he also noted that they would welcome only the genuine international students who have a passion for studying in their renowned universities. The concerned party is also committed to maintaining its target of decreasing the net migration into the United Kingdom to the 'tens of thousands'. Mr Johnson also added that they will continue to guarantee that their excellence and quality education system would remain as a magnet for all brilliant minds. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+

02 June, 2015
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