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Brexit could transform the UK Higher Education

The ‘Brexit’ outcome could change the whole scenario of higher education in the United Kingdom. It will send ripple effects to the United States and other surrounding nations. The Queen Mary University of London, Principal Simon Gaskell, said that the tuition fee is going to same for the non-European students and European Students, even If the UK leaves the European Union or not. Gaskell said, “I just imagined prospective students from the EU thinking, ‘I do one year at Queen Mary, and then suddenly get hit with a higher fee”. If the leave campaign wins the referendum, then, also nothing is going to change; European Students in the UK Universities will not be charged more for higher education, it will not impact the loan facilities for the EU students. If something is going to affect, the international students study programs post-referendum. That is going to change the image of the UK higher education in the global education market. Gaskell says, “If there were a Brexit, we don’t stop being an EU member on June 24.” He also said, “It’s possible that a Post-Brexit U.K. might decide to keep its existing relationship with EU students”. But Gaskell isn’t betting on that. He said, “Bear in mind, if the leave campaign wins, the majority of the electorate would be saying we want nothing to do with EU types.” The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will change the position of the UK in the global education.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

22 June, 2016
International Students Unconsciously Educate Other Students

Every year thousands of students flock to the University of Texas. Unconsciously they teach other students in the University about the diverse nature of the world. During the academic year 2015-16, 5166 international students have enrolled at the University of Texas. The largest number of students from Asia & Latin America and a small proportion come from the Europe. The students in UT from almost all the continents of the United States, the majority of students attend business school. The students not only benefit from education, but also the exposure makes them shape their view on the world and they become open-minded. A second-year student of Geology, Arisa Ruangsirikulchai said that, “Interacting with international students lets us see the world from other perspectives as well as dispelling some stereotypes we could have with others,” A student from Austria Mark Bauer says that he brings new culture here so that people can learn not academically  Bauer said,“This can increase cultural awareness and lead to a process of mutual learning.” A professor, Anthony Brown, stated that international students allow their fellow mates to learn things beyond the classroom. International students provide a different body of knowledge and experiences to sustain different ideas that are learned in class. A student from India, Preet Popat said that after educating in London she felt that education was mechanical, but here it is education is based on interest and allow people to explore new things. Popat said, “The States is way more flexible in the courses that you can take and offers a well-rounded education.”For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

21 June, 2016
NAFSA Urges for Prioritizing International Education

National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NAFSA) called the United States Presidential candidates to prioritize international education. The boards of directors asked for global engagement and made the United States more welcoming. NAFSA CEO Marlene Johnson said that “To say that I’m proud of the board for this statement is an understatement of significant proportion." In an official statement released last week, NAFSA says that “We urge our nation’s leaders to advance study abroad and international learning; welcome international students and advance commonsense immigration solutions, and demonstrate our commitment to global engagement by continuing forward progress on Cuba and offering education and aid to refugees,” International education can be used to strengthen relations with the foreign countries; can improve economies and cooperation with other nations. The NAFSA opined that the next American President should welcome international students and champion the system of immigration. It urged for eliminating the student’s requirement to prove that they are not going to stay in the United States, post completion of education. The Statement also stressed the importance of international education to the United States economy. How it adds value to the US economy annually. It also highlights that one percent of the American students study in other countries. The many student profiles are underrepresented. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

18 June, 2016
International Students in US Can Work For Three Years

International Students in the United States can work for three years under the Optional Practical Training Program. This OPT option is open for the students pursuing courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics stream. The new guidelines active from May 10th 2016, enables the students to work for three years. The Homes Land Department has released the rule regarding the OPT; it is published in the Federal Register. The top consultant said that "This is welcome news and will benefit our Indian students as majority of our students going to the US prefer STEM programs. Also, by giving authority to only creditworthy universities, they will be able to manage the growth of unscrupulous agents who send the students to fake universities just to make easy money. It's a welcome step, which will not only boost education but also check immoral elements in the field of education.” The OPT training was extended for seven more months, and it makes up 36 months. Previously it was 29 months OPT training for the international students. The OPT training makes the international graduates potential to Apply for the H-1B visa, the popular choice of the tech professionals.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

17 June, 2016
Education plays key role in Indo-US Ties

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to the United States said that education sector plays a major role in strengthening the bilateral relationships. Mr. Modi unveiled the business initiative center in Washington, said in his speech that both the countries have been working together and must continue to meet the skill gaps and bilateral trade. Speaking at the event, Mr. Modi said that excellence of the American Universities nurtured Indian management studies and technology institutes.Modi praised the present day relations and said, “Our science and technology collaboration continues to helps us in cracking the age-old problems in the fields of public health, education, food, and agriculture.” “We trade more with the US than with any other nation,” he noted. The highest priority of the Indian Prime Minister is improving the skills millions of Indian youth. Over the last decade India’s ties with the United States improved tremendously. India is a major defense partner of US and both the nations have close ties in almost all sectors of the economy.India is one of the largest senders of students to the United States. The number of students enrolled in the US Universities under Science, Technology and Engineering and Mathematics is higher than any another country.  For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

16 June, 2016
Western Kentucky University to Revive Admission Procedure

Western Kentucky University suspended admission program for international students, to revamp the whole system of admission procedure. In the aftermath of Indian students, complete failure in presenting programming skills, 25 students admissions have been canceled. However, the Students requested the university officials, to give an opportunity to prove themselves. All the 25 students were asked to leave the University or find admission in some other University. The University is planning for a stringent admission policy to encourage the brightest of students to the University. From now on University officials will review the advertising campaigns and actively participate in the admission process to filter the applicants. Every Year Western Kentucky University enrolls over 2800 students for its various graduate programmes. The varsity expects good academic standards from both the international students and domestic standards; they are held responsible for the same. WTU’s Academic Officer in an email communication to the leading newspaper said that “We would like to see all of our students, regardless of nationality, be successful. For a variety of reasons, that is always not possible.” Western Kentucky University had a pilot Program with India, to provide more opportunities for Indian Students getting admission into the University. The University gave the opportunity to over 100 students who fall short of some standards. All the students who got conditional admissions are not successful; some have coped up with the standards, and some did not.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

13 June, 2016
Pathways to Education to Encourage Low-Income Canada Students

New Found Land’s City St. Johns will have the national organization that works for uplifting the students who are economically weak and desirous to complete the education. The group works for raising the graduates’ rate in the selected neighborhoods of the St. Johns city. Pathways to education a national organization in collaboration with the Teen Resource Centre will help Grade 9 students in the Waterloo Village and the Southern end region of the city. The after school program is exclusively designed to help low-income students complete their education. The Program Manager Doyle said, "Success at school isn't just about what's going on at school, there can be a lot of different things [going on] in their lives, so we provide the supports that address all the issues that could be making school challenging." Pathways to Education offer qualified students with scholarships, financial help, and requisite guidance. Doyle Said "We help try to break down financial barriers youth might experience … bus passes they may need to access employment opportunities that aren't in their community, or gift cards for the grocery store if access to adequate nutrition is an issue," "Maybe it's helping pay for sport fees for a team or club they want to join … The more positive, social experiences we can give to youth, the more well-developed we can allow them to become as they get older." Pathways have been working across Canada with 17 communities and it is new to the Saint John’s in New Found land province of Canada. The program manager said that high school graduation rate increased by 75 percent, those who were trained in the pathways education. "Not only are we having an impact on youth getting through high school … but [we're] helping them access post-secondary education, which we know is so important for being able to access employability," said Doyle. The poverty rate in the St. Johns Waterloo and the south end is over 30 percent, and the child poverty rate is 49.5 percent. The Survey conducted in the region revealed that the youth can acknowledge the social issues of the neighborhood. They feel that significant barriers hinder them from studying further.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

10 June, 2016
Germany Fastest Growing International Student Destination

In the next five years, Germany might out do UK as Europe's most sought after study destination, according to reports from Delhi-based M.M. Advisory, India being a major contributor to this growth. This report evaluated Germany's annual 6.6% increase in international students, over the last 3 years. In 2015, the number of international students who enrolled reached 321,000, which was almost as good as UK.The report states, " Based on the past three years’ momentum and the smart initiatives being rolled out to attract students, we are projecting that Germany will overtake the UK and become the international education leader in Europe in the next five years"Maria Mathai, executive of M.M. Advisory told, “Of course it is too early to see the announcement directly translate into numbers but you can see that the numbers for Germany have increased substantially.""From the Indian perspective, we have seen a change in Germany as an education destination ever since the announcement." Low or no tuition fee in Germany along with long-term cultural programs and post-study work offer attracted majority of the Indian students."Indian students are driven by employment and immigration so I would say the majority of the Indian students prefer Germany. Indian students mostly opted to study postgraduate courses in Germany. However, the number of undergraduate students from India has increased exponentially.A 30% increase in undergraduate admissions in the United State last year occurred for the first time since 2009. The demand for postgraduate studies will outweigh undergraduate admissions ongoing."The Indian government is relieved as there are just not enough quality education institutions in India to handle the number of students graduating from secondary schools," charged Mathai.While traditional destinations attract nearly 85% of Indian students, Germany is growing in popularity and will soon become the most affordable destination.United State remains the top destination even though it is expensive, She also added "Students who are looking at Germany are the ones who wouldn’t be able to afford education in other mainly English speaking destination countries."For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

06 June, 2016
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