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Canadian Provinces offer Plethora of Opportunities for the Higher Study Aspirants

A universe of conceivable outcomes, was propelled at the recent Association of International Education Administrators 2016 Annual Conference in Montreal by the Honorable Doug Currie, Minister of Education and Chair of the Council of Ministers of Education Canada. The Honorable Chrystia Free land and Early Learning and Culture for Prince Edward Island, Minister of International Trade for the Canada Government. The new product will raise global awareness concerning the world-class education and exploration opportunities accessible in common and regional educational organizations, from colleges, universities, cégeps and dialect schools to early-youth, basic and auxiliary schools. Worldwide instruction is a social and monetary win for Canada. In 2014 alone, around 336,000 global candidates all in all spent more than $10 billion in Canada and produced work for somewhere in the range of 90,000 Canadians. Some global understudies stay in Canada in the wake of finishing their studies and contribute decidedly to the essentialness of our economy and society. Others return home, bringing with them learning of Canada that makes them social and financial envoys for our nation. "The new product is the result of work with our national government partners on the advancement of the instructive open doors accessible in the areas and domains. What's more, it truly is around a universe of potential outcomes, a different understudy body from each side of the world an inviting, tolerant, open society and a guarantee to world-class learning in each field of study," said Minister Currie. A universe of conceivable outcomes logo and marking materials will be utilized by common and regional governments. Government and the individual instructive foundations dynamic in the worldwide circle, as per their particular needs and the setting in which they work. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

31 May, 2016
Judges rules in favor of F-1 students on OPT, rules out appeal by tech employees union

It’s an important win for overseas students on F-1 student visas in the US, who avail OPT to get important job experience and to avail job offers and PR, court has ruled out an appeal by tech employees union who attempted to overturn a DHS regulation for granting OPT for three years and more to few students in the STEM fields. After a latest regulation that came into force from 10th May. The US DHS has changed an old regulation leading the OPT for students on F-1 visa. The amendments include asking the employers to give academic training when providing job to the students on OPT program. As previously reported, the tech employees has told the three judge panel for keeping  their challenge alive to the DHS regulation and prevent the latest regulation from coming into force on 10th May. The mid issue in dispute was whether the DHS could efficiently change the F-1 student visa program into guest employee program. Under the OPT, few F -1 students in STEM streams could temporarily do job in the US, even when they are no longer students. The latest regulation now let these graduates on STEM to extend their OPT duration of a year to an additional two years, making it a total of three years. They could get another two years of OPT if they got another degree from recognized university in the US. DHS argued that the confront by technology employees union is controversial as the latest regulation has different regulations to it and that includes component for employers to give academic training too as part of their job offer to F-1 students on OPT.The DHS attorney has asked the appeal court to rule that suit was no longer feasible; the 2016 regulation replacing it is substantively dissimilar. The court had agreed with that.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

14 May, 2016
OPT Extension Eligibility to F-1 Students

Department of Homeland Security awards STEM Optional Practical Training extensions to qualified F-1 candidates who are right now in a time of post completion of OPT once per degree level. A Candidate might take an interest twice in the STEM OPT extension through the span of their scholarly profession. Understudies may not make a difference for STEM OPT augmentations amid the 60-day elegance period taking after an underlying one year time of post-completion OPT.To take part twice in the STEM OPT expansion, an understudy must procure a second qualifying degree at an advanced education level and should take part in an underlying time of OPT at the time they apply to USCIS for their second STEM OPT augmentation. At times, understudies might be qualified to utilize an earlier STEM degree to meet all requirements for their second STEM OPT augmentation. More data about utilizing an earlier STEM degree to fit the bill for a 24-month STEM OPT augmentation is point by point in the "Degree" part below. DegreeTo meet all requirements for the STEM OPT extension, a candidate of F-1 must hold a four year college education or a higher degree in a qualified STEM field from a SEVP-confirmed school that is licensed at the time the understudy presents their STEM OPT augmentation application to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. In specific situations, a candidate of F-1 might utilize an earlier STEM degree from a right now licensed SEVP-confirmed school to satisfy this qualification prerequisite. To utilize an earlier degree to fit the bill for the STEM OPT expansion, the F-1 candidates must and should:Received a degree certificate from Student and Exchange visitor Program certified school.Received their STEM degree within ten years from USCIS after applying for the STEM OPT extension.A STEM degree wants to be on Department of Homeland Security while submitting the applications for the STEM OPT extension.Employer With a specific end goal to get the STEM OPT expansion, a candidate must seek after their useful preparing through a business that is selected in USCIS' E-Verify work qualification confirmation program.Furthermore, STEM OPT expansion candidates must choose businesses that can promise the understudy will finish at least 20 hours of work for every week and furnish the candidate with formal preparing and learning goals.Students in 2 months period STEM OPT extension of 17- month, candidates might not make a difference for STEM OPT expansions amid the 2 months elegance period taking after an initial time of post-finishing OPT. Gradually, if a candidate suspects that they will enter the 60-day elegance period before May 10, 2016, the candidate ought not hold up to apply. A candidate ought to apply for the 17-month STEM OPT augmentation before their primary OPT period lapses and take after the separate move arrange for that applies to them.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

13 May, 2016
All students on US F and M visas should have Redesigned Form I-20 from 1st July 2016

All the foreign students on F and M student visa of the US and their dependents should work with their Designated official of school (DSO) for making sure that they got the redesigned Form I-20 “Non immigrant’s Eligibility Certificate” from 1st July 2016. Modifications to the Form I-20 includes a much visible number for SEVIS identification,  adding the school of student and study program, improved segregation of information of student from information of dependents and other general design enhancements. Students on F and M visa who got a Form I-20 from their designated school officer (DSO) on or after 26th June last year were automatically granted the redesigned form. However any student who got their form prior to 26th June 2015 and has not worked with their designated school officer to obtain a redesigned form must do so as soon as possible. The latest version of this form does not have bar code. After 1st July 2016, any Form I-20 which has bar code would not be accepted.As a prompt, entire students on F and M visa require the Form I-20 to: Visit the USPay I-901 SEVIS feeApply to get job authorization from USCISApply for an advantage, like driving license or social security numberApply for US M and F student visa.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

12 May, 2016
Going overseas to study? Find out how to be financially fit

Sending your child to a overseas university is no more a dream now. It has become a fashion with large number of students going abroad each year.  The coming session in the month of September  would not be different. Many applications has already been accepted at many overseas universities with destinations like the UK, the US , Australia and Canada leading the race of Indian student intake. With financial planners and bankers normally goes through many cases each day, for a person, both child and their parents, the preparations are always irresistible, mainly the financial part. Planning meticulously and saving for college fees is just a start. Many children for the first time would be handling their bank accounts independently, swiping the cards for the expenses and these in a overseas  currency.  Taking a look at present rate of exchange, they require to practice staying in their budget. Below are few points that would help your child to get equipped financially in an overseas land. How to get ready You child would require issuance of forex card prior leaving the nation. Ensure that you had open an account atleast two to three months earlier before leaving. This would help children in handling their own bank account independently in their nation of study. Student should learn to be in their budget. The university must provide you an estimation of expenses of living like food, housing, books, travel and sundry costs. What to pack On this, you would get a list from university. It is a common checklist and the student might have specific requirements. How much cash in hand While insurance is compulsory,  issues like how much money to carry and what card signup for are your choice. it will take some days to get bank account and cards after the student reaches their destination. They required to carry  sufficient money and forex card for funding their expenses till then. Whether to take on campus hostel or rented accommodation requires pre planning.  Student would require money for traveling that includes airport transfers, accommodation and food , prior student get their permanent accommodation. What to do after reaching new destination         The first step of student should be to report their university and finish all the pending paperwork and to open a bank account and obtain a debit card. Student needs to check with their course coordinator about bank that has got branch on campus. Read the insurance policy and mark cashless health care facility near your campus. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

11 May, 2016
Ireland becoming hotspot for Indian students going to study overseas

Ireland has emerged as the leading destination for students from India going to pursue overseas education.  According to the senior adviser of education, Ireland Education, Barry O Driscoll, there are over 2000 students from India in Ireland and these statistics are increasing each year. According to him, the benefits that Ireland has got for students from India are that it is an English speaking country. Ireland has got many leading internationally recognized universities that provide courses in various disciplines that includes science, engineering, technology, business, medical and finance etc that are big draw for Indian students. Due to its high quality education, Ireland’ education is value for money. The tuition fee for under graduate and post graduate courses for non EU students that ranges from 8000 pounds to 30,000 pounds while living cost differs from 6000 pounds and 10,000 pounds every year.  Education cost is less when compared to other foreign education destinations; this is the reason why Indian students prefer to stay back for a year after finishing their education. This provides them a chance to search for jobs. Students from India has got chance to work in Ireland for 20 hours per week during their study courses and around forty hours during vacation time. Ireland has gone many professionals from India. There is Indian community staying in Ireland whose population is around 25,000. There are many Indian doctors and medical experts and there are large numbers of IT professionals and their numbers are growing. Professionals from India got large number of job permits granted by government of Ireland. Ireland has got policy that motivates Indian businessmen to establish their businesses in Ireland. Ireland has got many outstanding universities and colleges.  There are many courses that has become very favorable among Indians that includes data analytics, cloud computing and various specialties in finance. The graduate and post grad courses in Ireland are well linked to industry; students get many prospects of joining international firms and startups for jobs and internships. There are big help for students in their future and career path, besides various scholarships that are available for foreign students. Firms like Face book, Google, Apple, PayPal, Intel, Twitter, Linked In, etc has established offices in Ireland for providing job prospects to many foreign students on finishing their education. Many colleges offer scholarships to students like Trinity College in Dublin provides around 5000 pounds to undergraduate students.  University College Dublin is offering 100% tuition fees for master degree programs and 50% tuition fees for a year master degree programs, National University, Galway is providing around 2,750 pounds for under grads and post grads merit scholarships each, National College in Ireland is providing around 2950 pounds for master degree programs and around 2000 pounds for under graduate candidates.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

10 May, 2016
Check out the checklist for Studying Abroad

Studying overseas provides you a prospect to see nations like the US, Australia and Canada. But moving in a new university could be challenging.  Take a look at the checklist for making sure that you are reading to move: Find out if you require a student visa You required a student visa or not relies on your citizenship. If you are citizen of any EU nation like Spain, Greece or Germany, you would not require a visa. If you are a non EU citizen then you would require visa, you could apply for visa three months before the start of your course. Apply for particular study program Many universities like in the UK provide foreign study programs. Many universities let students to pursue education in their universities and also provide various types of financial assistance.  You need to apply for a particular program in the university and upon getting approval from the university you can apply for the visa. Apply for Scholarship Most of the students are not aware of scholarships that are often offered by many universities and colleges, but the financial assistance would be there for you if you had applied early and you should also meet all the eligibility criteria.  You can also search a particular website of the university providing scholarship details.  There are many tailored financial loans for foreign students provided by many universities. Search for accommodation Normally you could apply for student halls at the university you had applied, but few universities requires you to sign a contract based on long term you might wish to avoid.  Check whether your university is providing accommodation facilities for foreign students and apply early. Residing with other foreign students is a great idea for building community with whom you could study or travel with.  Book your flights in advance Make sure you book your flights early, and you know how to get towards your university from the airport. Make sure that you are aware of easy and quick path or you could check with your university that provides these facilities for foreign students. Print and prepare your documentsThough tickets and visa of your flight is electronic, you can take print outs of the offer letter from the university, address proof , documents of travel insurance and copies of your passport.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

03 May, 2016
Singapore is offering Foreign Students chance of Employment after Graduation

Singapore is an island which comprises of around 63 islands. Singapore is among thickly populated area in Asian continent. Singapore is also known as the land of lions. Singapore has emerged as Asia’s emerging higher education destination. Singapore’s National University is ranked 12th and Technological University of Nanyang is ranked 13th in the latest Global Universities Rankings for universities in Asian continent.  Other most favorable and leading universities in Singapore are as follows : Nanyang Fine Arts AcademyLasalle Arts CollegeSingapore Institute of Management DevelopmentMages Institute for ExcellenceManagement Institute of Singapore The country is extremely favorable among students who seek to pursue courses in design, animation, gaming and music etc.  Post Graduate management courses, law courses and engineering courses are extremely admired option for South Asian students.  With many firms having their operations from Singapore, many universities offer scholarships for students that allow students to work while they pursue education.  Singapore is also most favorable destination among Indian students. Higher education students who choose for course in engineering also got better prospects of getting jobs in Singapore after they complete their studies. Reasons for choosing Singapore Courses being taught in English languageCost of living and tuition fees are fewer when compared to the UK and the US. Many scholarships alternatives are also available.Brighter prospects of getting jobs in SingaporeMany Indian students are pursuing education in Singapore with strong community of south eastern Asian students.Singapore has got strict laws and stabilized environment gives students safety.The country is well connected to other countries as this country has got best airports. Pursuing Higher Education in Singapore Higher education is affordable in Singapore with the world class courses in subjects like computer science, engineering, law and animation etc. Singapore is favorite destination among Indian students. Immigration and visa processing is simple and easy.  Foreign students has got chance to pursue higher education at much lower costs. The country has got brighter chances of becoming leading education destination among Asian students.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

02 May, 2016
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