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ICE has Released Quarterly Foreign Student Information

Around 1.2 million foreign students with F or M status are pursuing education in the US as per the new SEVIS by numbers, a quarterly report on trends of foreign students which is prepared by the SEVP, US ICE  Customs and Immigration Enforcement’s (HIS) Investigations of Homeland Security. The report revealed by , SEVP specifies March 2016 information from the SEVIS, an internet based system that includes data about exchange visitors, foreign students and their dependents while they reside in the US. Based on the information taken from SEVIS on 7th March, foreign student admission at US institutions has been raised to 6.2% compared to the year March 2015. In the month of March, there were around 8,687 US institutions with the certification of SEVP for enrolling foreign students, a 3% reduce from the earlier year. 40% of  foreign students pursuing education in the US, that are almost 4,79,000 individuals, were admitted in STEM related fields.  Around 4,17,000 foreign students from Asian continent has pursued STEM education, an increase of 17% since the March last year. The March month statement comprises a unique section about M students in the US.  In the month of March over 75% of population of M students was male. Canada was the lone nation, out of leading ten nations of origin, where most of M students, around were 51%  were female. From China, male students  comprise of 23% of the entire population of M students. 64% of M students doing majors in material moving and transportation with focusing on ground, marine and air transportation. Most schools in the US, Southern California University, New York University, Columbia University, Northeastern University and Illinois University has been ranked one through five for universities with leading foreign student populations. Over 10,000 foreign students were admitted at every university in the month of March. Other major points from report also revealed that around 77% of entire foreign student were from Asian continent. The leading 10 nations of citizenship for foreign students includes India, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Brazil. The entire report could be viewed. Report information was taken from 7th March SEVIS. The report takes a snapshot of information related to foreign students pursuing education in the US. Information from the earlier SEVIS by Numbers report was taken from SEVIS in the month of November last year. People could drill and  explore foreign student information from present and earlier SEVIS by Numbers report by viewing SEVPs tool for interactive mapping. This data can be viewed at the region, continent and at the nation level and include data on the levels of education and gender, along with the population of foreign students by state, from the geographical areas of around the world. Users could view foreign student information at the state level of the US to learn more about students pursuing education in precise area of the US. SEVP monitors around 1 million foreign students on F or M visa studying vocational or academic education in the US and their dependents. It also certifies that programs and schools that had admitted these students. The US State Department monitor exchange visitors who holds J visa and their dependents and programs for foreign exchange visitor. Both utilize SEVIS for protecting the national security by making sure that the visitor and the students comply with the laws of the US.  SEVP also takes and shares SEVIS data with partners of government that includes US  Border Protection and Customs and US  exchange visitors getting entry in the US. HIS has reviewed the records of SEVIS for potential violations and it also refers cases with concerns on  security of the nation and public safety to its officers for more investigation. Moreover,  the Operational and Analysis Center for SEVP  also reviews school and student record for compliance with rules related to pursuing education in the US.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

30 April, 2016
STEM students to gain from US visa extension

Foreign students who faces time limitations on their stay in the nation after completing their graduation. But from next month, the challenge would be made easy for foreign students pursuing education in STEM fields. The US DHS had previously declared the changes of its F-1 student visa rules on OPT program for undergraduate with degree in STEM related subjects from the US universities and colleges. OPT program allows foreign students who had completed or pursing their degree to look on job training.  The latest rule which comes into effect from 10th May 2016, permits STEM related students on F-1 student visa who had selected to get a year OPT to extend the time by two years.  Earlier, STEM related students can only extend OPT by 17 months. Foreign students out of STEM stream are still entitled for a year of OPT without likelihood of extension. With the latest extension, foreign students pursuing STEM related degrees would have much time to get a H-1B job visa. The H-1B visa let US firms to hire overseas employees in specialized occupation for six years time. The latest extension of visa would offer STEM applicants more options to apply for H-1B if they are not accepted. While the applicants do not require an employment offer to apply for OPT they should pay a filing fee of $380. Moreover, an application takes around three months to get processed.

27 April, 2016
How to obtain a Australia Student Visa

Foreign education in Australia is an unbelievable good-looking alternative for students from around the world.  From its best technology to its outstanding universities and instruction based in English, foreign students search an actual jewel of education overseas destination. Australia is amazing. You can make it a reality by pursuing education in Australia. If you really want to go for it, then there’s nobody to stop you. For this you need a passport and a student visa before you cross foreign border. Below while reading this article you would find information about types of Australian student visa and how to apply for a Australian student visa. Your Home Nation Applying for any visa could seem like a torment but if you are well organized and well prepared it would assist you to streamline your process of applying a visa. The initial step would be to check whether you are eligible to apply for visa or not. You should check that your passport has got enough validity period. Types of Australian Student Visas Australia provides many student visas that cater to various foreign candidates with many academic objectives and expectations.  You would be responsible to find out which Australian student visa is suitable for your study course. Higher Education Sector Visa (subclass 573) or  Post Graduate Research Sector Visa (subclass 574) for foreign students who seek to pursue education in Australia at tertiary or university level. Independent ELICOS Sector Visa (subclass 570)- it is for foreign students who are touring to Australia for undertaking a Intensive Course in English language for foreign students (ELICOS). Non Award Sector Visa (subclass 575) is for foreign students who seek to pursue non award foundation education course or course components that does not show the way to an award. Student Guardian Visa (subclass 580) is for guardian of foreign student who is not more than 18 years of age, permitting them to stay in the nation with the student. School Sector Visa (subclass 571) is for school aging foreign students, permitting them to admit in secondary or primary school, or for involvement in programs of school exchange. Training and Research Visa (subclass 402) is for foreign students who seeks research and training chances , permitting them to take part in job based training  program which is structured. Vocational Education and Training Sector Visa (subclass 572) is for foreign students who are looking for vocational training and educational courses. Overseas Affairs and Defense Sector Visa (subclass 567)- it is a student visa which has been sponsored by the Defense Department or Foreign Affairs and Trade Department of Australia. Student Visa Requirement Legal Passport, evidence of access to enough funds like bank statements etc, individual should have got proficiency in English language and should be in good health and should also possess good character.You can either apply online or by going to consulate or embassy of Australia located in your home nation.  You could apply for visa 124 days in advance of beginning of your course date. It would take around two to three weeks to get the visa processed. All the best!For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

23 April, 2016
Deakin University has announced scholarships worth 1.8 crore for Indian Students

Deakin University which is located in Australia has declared scholarships for meritorious students from India and these scholarships are going to be 100% tuition fee waiver. These scholarships are offered under Vice Chancellor Meritorious Scholarship for India. This Vice Chancellor Meritourious Scholarship is part of scheme of Deakin with an aim for supporting the deserving students with history of excellent academic record and holistic needs for pursuing education on shore at the University of Deakin, with a view of providing back the experience and skills to India that will make an affect to its developing society. The initial edition of this scholarship last year got more than 500 applications and two students from India were selected. This year the university is providing scholarships which are 100% tuition fee waiver for meritorious students from India.  The entire value of this scholarship is worth 1.8 Crores. Informing about the scholarships,  Executive Director, South Asia, Deakin University, Ranveet Pawha,  we are excited to declare this scholarship for students from India  There are many students from India who are smart and who deserve a chance for proving themselves and hoped that this scholarship would provide them correct window. The requirement to apply for this scholarships is based on extracurricular and academic activities while pursing education. Candidates require to show the increasing level of academics in twelfth  and degree. Selection process for this scholarship is tough, it is a process of three stages that consists of review of application, interviews and activities of final selection on campus.  There is transparency in the process of selection.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

20 April, 2016
The Top Five Best countries for International Education

The demand for international education is continuous and growing every year as the developing countries strongly believe the need to equip themselves with the new technology and skills from the developed countries. Progress is the primary thing and the craze for quality education and research is very high, presently according to the recent report over 130 000 students are studying in the United States. The Chinese, Indians, and the students from the third world countries are ahead in applying for the student visas to the progressive countries. According to the survey conducted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, over 16000 participants involved in the survey. The top five countries that offer quality education are the UK, Canada, USA, Germany and France. Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are some of the countries that invest a lot on education. The recent report by the Reserve Bank of India also said that Indians are sending 1 Billion dollars on overseas education. The nations which are run the education system by the respective Federal Government have been ranked in the top places. United Kingdom The United Kingdom has the world’s top ten global Universities; its education system is robust. Attendance is mandatory for the school students aged between 5 and 16. Canada Canada education system offers free education for the students with age five years of age. The Canadian students normally do better in the OECD‘s programme. Canada has some best Universities and it’s research facilities have produced some best global talent. United States of AmericaJust to name one country India is the second largest country to sender of students to the United States. Totally 130 000 Indian students are studying in the United States. Imagine about the students from different parts of the world. It has the top 10 global universities and people are ready to spend for the costly education programs of the United States. Germany The Germany education is very robust, engineering stream education is very popular among the international students. Germany has the popular education programs and the students who come to pursue higher education will have option to stay in the country for one and half year post completion of education.  France  France is the great land for artistic pleasure, its great architecture and engineering prowess. The International students come here for philosophical, artistic studies have turned to be creative and global talent. The France education system follows a national curriculum for the students between the age 6 and 16. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

19 April, 2016
Leading Innovative National Universities in the world

Universities and colleges regularly embark on latest initiatives that make sure that students have finest alternatives for education. But few institutes think a head than other institutions with regards in making changes. Here is the list of leading ten National Universities that were judged as the Most Innovative Schools in a survey with instances of kinds of hard work they might be supporting them to stand out. Arizona State University –Tempe Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 39,968. This University stands on 129th position under National University Rankings. Innovative Achievement: Undergraduate students of this university does research on how military camps, refugee camps works with the Foundation for National Science for studying  domestic violence and also participate in various research projects that impact daily life. Stanford University Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 7,019. This University stands on 4th position under National University Rankings Innovative Achievement: Here students have created objects for daily use along with the scientific development, designing wind turbine masts, chairs etc. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 4,512. This University stands on 7th position under National University Rankings Innovative Achievement: College researchers from the artificial intelligence and computer science lab of the school had declared that in the month of August, they have find a way for making a more user friendly 3-D printer that could print with 10 various materials at a time. University of Maryland—Baltimore County Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 11,379. This University stands on 156th position under National University Rankings.  Innovative Achievement: Students are making a virtual reality system that would enable latest research in engineering, maths, biology, digital humanities and visual arts. Georgia State University Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 11,379. This University stands on 156th position under National University Rankings. Innovative Achievement: This university had worked in association with other partner universities and started a latest survey in the month of August that would make the universities and colleges to better follow the occurrence of sexual attack on the campus. Northeastern University (MA) Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 13,510. This University stands on 47th position under National University Rankings. Innovative Achievement: University has signed an agreement with the US Army research lab for conducting research on national security. The university would get upto $20.4 million in the coming three years for research projects. Duke University (NC) Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 13,510. This University stands on 47th position under National University Rankings.  Innovative Achievement: Professor has got a grant from the Energy Department of the US for establish a consortium for study of algae. The professor would research on how to bring down the cost of oil which is extracted from plants. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 28,395. This University stands on 29th position under National University Rankings.  Innovative Achievement:  University has a centre for mobility transformation that is developing technology that would permit cars to talk to each other and enhance road safety. Harvard University (MA) Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 6,694. This University stands on 2nd position under National University Rankings.  Innovative Achievement:  Researchers here are working with Princeton University for a latest study on cell phone information. That proved the data can be utilized to track transmission of infectious diseases. Drexel University (PA) Total number of undergraduate students studying in this college is 14,503. This University stands on 99th position under National University Rankings.  Innovative Achievement:  Engineers from this university have currently assisted the launch of LiveNote, an app that offers musical information for concert visitors at the show. It also has a program which is exploring the technology behind the music.

07 April, 2016
Why foreign students matter to the US ?

Foreign students from around the world flock to the US universities in large numbers, with as many as one million foreign students getting admitted every year. According to the last year data, foreign students now made up third of entire student population at many prestigious institutions in the US. Among other universities of the US, Florida Technological Institute has topped the category of universities with around 33% of their entire students count from abroad. According to the report, the number of foreign students in the US throughout last year was increased by 10% to 9,74,377. It is the biggest growth rate.  Around 50% of the students are coming from the countries like India, China and Korea. There are many reasons to choosing the US for the students   as their education destination.  It is the dominance of its universities in the world university rankings with five universities in the worldwide top 10 and also including the top two positions. Foreign study is a force for universal good with its beneficiaries far beyond universities and students.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

06 April, 2016
Submit your queries for STEM OPT Webinar that takes place on 14th April

Students and officials from schools are advised to send in their queries about the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) optional practical training (OPT) rule to by 1st of April 2016. The Students and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) would reply their pre-submitted queries during the special report of SEVP, webinar related to STEM OPT that would take place on 14th April 2016. The entry to the webinar is free and it will remain open to public. SEVP has motivated the interested STEM-related OPT candidates and the officials from school who manages the F-1 students to save the date of the webinar in their calendars for attending it. In this one hour long webinar, officials from SEVP would talk on key regulatory changes and the transition plan for the STEM students who are applying or looking to apply for an extension of their period of OPT. It is important to note that the SEVP would reply only pre-submitted queries during the webinar and would not discuss for a live query and reply session. If anyone does not attend the live webinar, a recording, and transcript of presentation would be available on a study in states in the page of State Stakeholder Webinars within one week from the event. The individual can also visit the hub for STEM OPT for additional information about this latest rule.Source For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

31 March, 2016
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