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DHS to improve training opportunities for foreign students in STEM fields

Students who had completed their degree by an institution which is accredited by the US education department and which is certified by SEVP might apply for an extension of STEM OPT. Students who had got an extra qualifying degree from an accredited institution could apply for a second extension of STEM OPT. Students could use earlier earned degree to apply for an extension of STEM OPT. Employers who are participating in the STEM related OPT program should integrate formal training program that includes solid learning objectives with proper oversight. Students and employers should report material reforms in the training programs. Students should work at least 20 hours every week for an employer in order to qualify. Students are allowed a limited period of unemployment during the starting period of post completion of OPT and extension of STEM OPT. All employers under STEM OPT should participate in the E- Verify program of the DHS. On 11th March 2016, the SEVP would introduce an STEM-related OPT hub on DHS Study in the States. This hub would include the resources for school officials, students, and employers.

17 March, 2016
STEM F-1 visa students can work for 3 years under OPT - From May 10, 2016

The U.S. Department of homeland Security which is known as DHS has released an F-1 OPT STEM extension. Therefore, this new rule will authorize employers to maintain the ability of certain individuals currently who are dependent on F-1 non-immigrant student visa for a lengthy time. USCIS will begin the acceptance of the application from 10th May 2016 before that USCIS will continue to approve applications as per the existing rule i.e. 17-month STEM OPT process. The students who are enlisted under the STEM field of studies from the official recognized educational institutions will be allowed for the 10th May to work for 3 years through the new OPT regulations. In the beginning, of the 10th, May USCIS will issue pending applications of the RFEs students. RFEs will admit students to modify their application to exhibit eligibility criteria for 24 months extensions without acquiring an additional fee charge to again file an application for the Employment purpose. USCIS will issue all the requesting documents which are to be enclosed for the 24 months STEM OPT program. As a development part, only certain limited students will be considered for the EAD i.e. Employment Authorization Documents of 17- month program which is to be applied for the additional 7 months for OPT to have advantages over  the 24 months  Stem opt. In order to satisfy in the 7 months of the OPT students need to acquire few requirements they are: Students must meet all the requirements for the new OPT program extension. Students must also acquire the essential recommendation in order to obtain the 7 month opt extension from the accredited Universityís Schools. Students must file a document form I-765 on or before 8th August 2016 and within 60 days DSO will amend the SEVIS record. Students must keep in mind before the expiration and it should have at least 150 days remaining on the calendar for the 17 months OPT  EAD at the time when the Form I-765 is filed up.  For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

12 March, 2016
A Quarter Of Top European Universities Are In The UK

According to the new associable table, a quarter of the excellent universities is in Europe and in the UK. Timesí rankings reveal that the nation started ruling higher education in the continent, taking 46 institutions in total. Germany is enclosed with 36 institutions. Rankings editor said that we need a high number of students from across the world to acquire best studies in the UK for higher education and the wider economy. Oxford has topped in 1st place following Cambridge with 2nd, Imperial as 3rd, University College London with 5th place along with London school of economics and political science gets 6th place, Edinburgh as 7th and Kingís college London is in 8th place. Manchester 18th, Bristol 23rd, Durham 24th, Glasgow 28th, Warwick 31st, St. Andrews 35th, Exeter 38th, Sheffield 40th, Queen Mary and the University of London 41st, Southampton 48th. London government has spent almost 4.5 billion pounds for the tuition fees as well as for the accommodation and also provides over all experience by supporting a rich and multicultural campus for students. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

11 March, 2016
Important Update for International Students in the USA

Itís good news for the International Students in the US universities that Government has extended 7 extra months to search a job.   This is because the Government will establish new rules that allow International students who acquire graduation in STEM field i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics can reside in the US for up to 3 years after their graduate studies and can search jobs in their respective fields and this new rule will come to effect on 10th May.   Extending the new rule would be beneficial for immigrants why because they can apply for a number of opportunities under the H-1B highly skilled visa which approves candidates with special occupations and can permanently reside in their country.For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter,  Google+, LinkedIn

10 March, 2016
Scotland recommendation towards post-study work visas

Candidates who have finished their HNC, HND degree at any Scottish educational institution are eligible for a post- study work visa.Candidates who have visa can change for the job depending on their qualifications, but they are not eligible to do another job.These visas will last for two yearsCandidates on this visa should have savings in their pocket so that it would not affect their crisis.The time which is spent in Scotland under the post-study-work visa would rely on towards to stay in Scotland permanent after five yearsAs per Immigration guidelines partners as well as children under this visa are able to do work in Scotland.Post study work visa should have language skills alsoScotland allows talented graduates students to reside in their country after graduation this is because to increase the working population as well as to strengthen their countryís economy.For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter,  Google+, LinkedIn

09 March, 2016
English Test is required for Migration

English test which has become the mandatory part of the visa application. For the applicants who want to migrate for study, work or to reside in Australia have to qualify for the English test.English test includes various levels of scores. For example working visa requires a score of 8 where as skilled visa requires only 6 or 7.There are various elements included in this test which can appear as complicated but if it is your first language or official language it will be a challenge for you. You need to attend the test formally by face to face exam which includes listening, reading, writing and speaking. There are few categories which include Functional, Vocational, Competent, Proficient and Superior.Departments accept few English tests such as IELTS, OET, TOEFL iBT, PTE, and CAE. For IELTS, you need to set a score of 0 to 9.For speaking English there are two levels of scores they are score 9 and score 2. Score 9 is to check the fluency of English of the specific content and the score 2 is for little communicationFor writing English also, there are two levels of scores they are the score 9 and score 2. Score 9 have to satisfy the requirements which are based on the task and few other features also. Score 2 is responsible for vocabulary, spelling and sentence forms. For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter,  Google+, LinkedIn

08 March, 2016
Canada to ease Citizenship for International Students

Canada Government had published an amendment to the legislation that would ease the process of the foreign students to become a Permanent Residents.   Legislation will list out the number of changes that have to be made for the Canada Immigration system under the prior reactionary government and has issued a law in 2015 June.   In accordance with the prior bill which was increased the resident necessities from 3 years to 4 and has removed an important provision which allows half the time which is spent in Canada for a study visa has to rely on citizenship when applying for it.   According to the new act which would reduce the number of working days for a person that has been physically present in Canada prior applying for the citizenship from 4 of the prior 6 years and 3 of the previous  5 years.   It also reduces 50% time of the Canadian International Students. For more updates follow us on  Facebook , Twitter,  Google+, LinkedIn

07 March, 2016
Foreign Students are the Perfect Candidates to become Canadian citizens - says John McCallum

John McCallum has announced changes for the foreign students regarding the citizenship. They are likely to reduce the stay requirement and can count time towards residency petitions.Foreign students can rely 50% of their time towards the residency and can reside three of the prior 5 years in their province. If asked about the prior Bill Minister John McCallum says that foreign students are the right candidates to become citizens of Canada. Therefore, it makes a sense to this 50% of the credit time. The government is also taking positive steps for the International students so that they can process easily for the citizenship. By these changes, even International students will get attracted by this new rule. When compared to other countries Canada has been the top place in creating jobs for skilled workers as well as with the initialization of Express entry as well as the permanent residence for foreign students. In 2014, 37% of the International students applied for citizenship. It is because of their quality of education. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

05 March, 2016
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