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Post-Graduate Work Permit for International Students

PGWP which is known as Post-graduate work permit is a program launched by foreign students. This program is allotted to the foreign students who has completed their post-graduation and are ready to obtain a work permit after their graduation. Therefore, graduates can work for any employer in the Canada province. A Work permit is open for them. This program would be an essential and initial step into the students in acquiring Canadian Permanent Residence. Eligibility Criteria for PGWP Must have a valid study permit when you are applying for PGWPMust possess full-time studies in CanadaMust complete a program of study with at least eight hours of duration periodMust apply for the work permit within 90 days of securing confirmation from their educational institutions Permit Validity Duration of PGWP program is up to a maximum of three years. Therefore, it is equal to the education program. Any study program will be for two years and this will result in the work permit for three years. Applying and Working Students have to submit it in online or in some cases they can submit it at a Canadian port of entry at the overseas visa offices. The International spouses are not automatically designated to open work permit. They will only be eligible if the PGWP holder acquires skilled employment and should demonstrate this to the IRCC by providing an offer of job employment as well as with pay slips.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

04 March, 2016
In Canada Education and Work Experience of Immigrants has positively raised

Canada Statistics have found changes in the Immigration policies, notably changed the features of the new migrants especially for education and work. Canada found the raising levels of the educational skills as well as the rising popularity of the Canadian work experience. Education has been affected by the positive impact on the income of new migrants. In accordance with the recent study, half of the male migrants had a university degree while 42% of female migrants hold a degree after migrating to Canada. Educational levels became higher with the annual income of men with the increase in the $2,400. And for the women, average annual income  is $1,300 for educational achievement. In 2000, increasing the  number of migrants has a Canadian work knowledge before arriving. In 1999 only 15% women have experience while comparing with men it is 16% but in 2010 male immigrants who are arriving in  Canadian with work experience are 31%. Due to the increasing number of immigrants to Canada the Canadian work experience annual income has risen up to $4,600 for male and for the female it is $2,800.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

01 March, 2016
English Language Requirements to Study in UK

Thousands of students from UAE travel to the  UK each year for further education. Students of UAE have to think before migrating to the UK because they have to choose a course, where to live in, about their financial, checking with the visa with their English language proficiency. Thankfully they have a lot of agents and also organizations to help with. Students from outside EU and EEA countries require a tier4 student visa. Cambridge English: Proficiency in English or advanced qualifications can be used to the undergraduate and postgraduate applications this can be chosen by tier4 visa sponsor list and can be accepted for the course of the degree level. For below degree candidates have to take a test on English at UKVI’s secure English Language test. Students who belong to EU, EEA and Switzerland does not require a student visa. They need English language requirements for the institution for which they are applying to. For EU, EEA and for Switzerland  degree level students and also below degree level can also use Cambridge English. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

29 February, 2016
International students have major benefits in British Columbia

When a Foreign student arrives in British Columbia they are  not only gained with High-quality education instead they bring a broad range of short-and long-term social ethics with  economic benefits. Many students choose B.C. because they have a  positive impact towards their communities and also educational institutions. Foreign students also drive their diverse and growing economy long after their graduation also. After graduating they stay in their community and also establish a trading relationship with their province. According to the recent article, an Economist tells about the profits of inviting International students and how they are coming to their province in the form of education for more than 200 years. Their province has a long history of study destination from around the globe. One- third of Foreign students who come to Canada choose B.C. as their educational institutions. B.C. has the highest number of students who are studying in schools, colleges, private, public and in post-secondary institutions. The tuition fee for International students may be three to four times higher for domestic students. The Clear effect is that international students sponsor an another student and create additional seats for themselves. Their tuition fees enable  to add courses and also for hiring new faculty as well as staff. The Government also has an important role in promoting  and  to encourage International students  to come and  study instead they  also supports them for the better opportunity to begin their careers. Economist says Canada implements and takes a right decision by setting a  goal for the International students as well as for the visa applications. The  Government is planning with federal counterparts to assure that the International students have to continue their education in the B.C. and,  later on,  to apply for PR.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

26 February, 2016
Australia Update for Student Loans

New legislation has announced that graduates who are living in overseas have to clear their highest education loans to the Australian Government as long as they reside in abroad. Till now $800 million students have not cleared their graduating student loans.New RulesIf you have any assistance from the Education loan Program me or a Trade support loan and you earn more than the threshold payment you are required to pay back the student loan as long as you live in abroad.The Australian Taxation office will use the data from  the international agencies to identify the students who have to clear their debt in working overseas. 1st contact helpIf you start repaying your Australian student loan 1st contact has an cost-effective international money transfer service which can help you to get the money home. So that you can transfer funds to Australia that to with great rates and also with a fraction of fees which are charged by the major banks.With 1st contact help you can ensure your repayments which are to be made on time.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

25 February, 2016
International students must maintain full- time status in Quebec

International students of Quebec who holds a  Certificate 'D' acceptation must maintain a full-time status. This term is required for all International students to make studies as their primary activity. Quebec Immigration wants  to maintain a full-time status because they want to prove a moderate approval for their part-time status and to support strong authorized document. Even though full-time status doesn’t require to hold any study permit to pursue their studies perhaps  students need to pursue their education actively  until completion of their studies in order to work on or off campus. The Federal and provincial immigration specifications are regular for all Foreign students without any discrimination of nationality. Students who want  to pursue their part-time studies have to consult an advisor about their situation.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

24 February, 2016
UK Welcomes Indian Students

India and UK have  announced 2016 as the Year of Education for Research and Innovation. Both countries improve association with the use of digital technology by training teachers as well as students. Their main goal is to develop skills as well as to encourage development opportunities for Indians. The UK invites brilliant and the best students to our universities. The UK is named as the world’s oldest with respected top universities. There are four main top universities in the UK (Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College London and Oxford). The UK attract more overseas students in which Indians include around 21,000.  Student visa process is only for honest students with 88% of visa approvals are successful. Students need to provide mandatory details in the sponsorship lists,  those are the place of study with funds to support themselves and proficiency of English Language skills.  Facts: Since 2010 overseas university applications are up to 17%.By year ending of September 2015 89% visa applications were issued.Over 11,600 visas were issued to Indian Students.For the academic year of 2014-15, 18,320 Indian Students enrolled for UK higher education.This is to highlight the bilateral relationship between India - UK in certain fields like Education, Research, and Innovation. India-UK bilateral programmes UKIERI: The launch of the bilateral programmes covers the areas like higher education and further education leadership development, e-partnerships, skills development and mobility.Newton Bhaba Fund: This programme is for science and innovation collaboration.GIAN: Is to launch academic network between UK to teach in India.SWAYAM: UK university to open online courses (MOOC) platform.Generation UK-India: To support mobility from UK students to IndiaConnecting classrooms:  British Council Schools programmeExhibition: UK universities exhibiting across IndiaSkills: English language activity of teaching and learning InnovationThe UK will be the partner country for “Technology Summit 2016”. Which will be organized by the Department of Science and Technology of Indian Industry which will be held on OCT 24-26. The UK to launch Newton Fund to promote economic development. The UK allocated 50 pounds over the past five years for funding association with India. Their main goal of funding is to address challenges like health, food, energy, and water. Newton-Bhabha Programme is to tighten the relations between the Government agencies, research organizations, and education institutions.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

22 February, 2016
Universities of New Zealand advertise academic offerings

The  Road show was  conducted in Pune to advertise the Education system in New Zealand. This program was conducted by the Education lead of the Government agency of New Zealand. Their main criterion is to highlight the New Zealand Educational Universities to Indians. Besides New Zealand is also the safest country. This would be considered as an important prospect for the students who wants to study abroad. The intention of the road show that too in Pune was to help the three of the ten awardees of the prestigious New Zealand India sports  scholarships are from Pune also it is the winner of  the recent market and strategy competition. Area manager Nathanael Mackay says, “ There are lots of high- quality students in Pune who wish to grow their career in abroad. New Zealand immigration introduced a new pathway student visa which allows for a study experience. Students can choose three sequential programmes for study with the selected education which provides on a single visa that is up to 5 years of validity. New Zealand Immigration possesses a high range of quality student visa applications from Pune with 90% of approval rate of visa.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

20 February, 2016
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