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Best Universities for Foreign Students in Canada

A country which has a well furnished Education system which is known for its safest environment and now it is rated in the top-lists for many International students to study and it is none other than Canada. “Canadian Universities which are known for its International Reputation holds the first rank in Canadian degrees also they are very competitive in the International markets. 13 Canadians Institutions have listed in the Times Higher Education magazine. Few Institutions are listed below: 1. McGill University “McGill is recognized as the reputed Institutions among the top-ranked schools in Canada. It is listed as the #24 ranking  in the recent QS World rankings. McGill has a perfect environment for abroad students with the lowest tuition fee for Foreign students. 2. University of British Columbia It is #50 ranking and it is listed as the third QS World universities ranking. This school is well recognized and has an international reputation all over the world. However, tuition fees are higher than Canadian average which is not affordable in Canada. Despite  this Institution tops #2 on the list. 3. University of Alberta This School is famous for its support services for international students. Alberta University attracts 6,500 Foreign students from 147 countries annually. 4. University of Toronto Toronto is a listed as one of the multicultural cities in the world. This University is famous for its quality of education with over 15,000 International students. 5. Dalhousie University Dalhousie is one of the oldest universities in Canada which attracts 18,200 students all over the world. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

19 February, 2016
UK Post-Study Work Visas to be Re-Introduced

Scottish committee had announced to UK Government to reintroduce the post-study work visas for the overseas students. This Visa allows overseas students to study and work in Scotland for about two years even after the completion of their studies. Committee also announced about the Visa agreements if the International Students have to find a job within  four months after graduating with a  minimum salary. Committee chairman spoke about the current situation in Scotland that graduates come from various parts of the world are getting educated as well as settling  in their province. Review of the Scottish Committee says that they would  examine the extension of the period  which is allowed for graduates to find work. Committee has found that Scotland’s immigration requirements are different. Scottish government believes that reintroducing of the post-study visas will be an benefits for the students and also for the economic benefit to  Scotland. UK spokesman said that they  have  an excellent job opportunities for the students after  graduate level. Graduates can stay, work  and get an internship.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

16 February, 2016
Australia Needs One Million Foreign Students till 2025

Recent reports shows  that Australian Government has a huge Student population which has raised to nearly half a million of Foreign Students in 2015 and it has became the country’s fourth largest trade. But Austrade’s wants to go higher in the recently released market plan and here international education takes  major role in it as per the strategies. Therefore, Australian Government has stimulated 2016 Student Visa applicants to apply early so that it strongly believes a flow of the Foreign Nationals.   As per the Research in 2015 more than 400,000 International Students were enrolled in the Austrade’s Institution. The scheme Australian International Education 2025 (AIE 2025) aims one million International Students on the on-shore and 10 million International Students in next ten years. But till 2025 AIE  requires a bunch of mutual effort in Australia. Australians recognized a few different disputes which faces development plans and in which way  these disputes have to be addressed. First thing is that Australians will  encourage to take actions and to develop strategies and also tries to attracts International Students. The Commission also identifies that there is a large amount of student base are from Indian Origin. Australian are also working in African countries too to tighten there relationships. In order to reach their goal to 10 million Austrade’s aims to develop many Programmes such as to develop more online study options to provide free training and to development courses so as to fill all the gaps in several industries. Therefore, Australians aims are high. Simultaneously, Universities around the World are trying to improve and organize relationships in Business and Industries.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

10 February, 2016
University Inspires Graduates to Study in Foreign Countries

To study in Foreign countries is not a recent one but to study in JMU is as popular as it has even seen before. In accordance with the International Education, JMU stands in the first position among all associate Institutions and it is based  on the total number of Graduates who study in Foreign countries for only short-term Programs and that is established on 2013-14 statistics where there are 918 Graduates performed in it. In addition to it, JMU was ranked third among associate Institutions. Why has it been a great passion to Study in Foreign Countries? Many Graduates are looking for perfect value in Studying in several Foreign countries to develop as a human and also to extend their World point of view, Jason Good added. In Accordance to Good, JMU has nearly 70  skilled faculty for study abroad programs have been planned for this summer. JMU is also suggesting a broad diversity of several locations of Graduates to study in places like Singapore, Cameroon, Brunei, Madagascar, Vietnam, and Peru. New Programs are very strong to push since students are not familiar with that Programs. Good said. We are doing our best to help them but it could be quite hard to do it. In Accordance to Good, students have their great effect on their college career during their period of time spent on studying abroad. It has been  changed in several ways that you can't get reading from a book. In Accordance to the profit of Study Abroad advertisement on JMU's website, studying in Foreign countries boosts up the level of analytical thinking, It helps you to deal with typical issues. Good added. This will  certainly make me  receive different cultures and also people in future, Swedo said. According to the advertisement 1,218, JMU students studied in Foreign countries in almost 68 programs. JMU faculty helped me in several opportunities to study in abroad made me possible, Good said. Comparing a lot of associate Institutions, JMU has many programs which run by skilled faculty. Ashooh said  I would have missed lots of things if I would not study in abroad as an  apart of it I was working for the International Programs. I made lifetime links that made the deal for the world. Cliche said. Graduates who wish study in foreign countries can apply through online, with few documents like resumes, recommendations or resumes. The World will make us learn who we are up to and what other people are  if it matches your luck the world will give an idea of who want to be exactly, Rabinowitz said.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

03 February, 2016
Studying Abroad Students Weigh Many Benefits

Studying abroad is the life time experience for many students. University sends about seventy five to hundred students abroad during fall semester and about one hundred and fifty students in spring said, study abroad advisor at the office of global engagement Skip Langley. Many students don’t consider studying in abroad because of cost. If the applicant goes abroad for semester on exchange program they will pay the same base tuition fees. And the cost of living is little bit higher in some countries like UK. The housing in Australia was estimated to be about $450 - $500 a month which was very near to the rent she pays in Oxford said, Hall. She also added, she didn't receive any scholarships but she wishes to research and applied for more in order to help with high costs of the trip.  Langleu encourages students who are interested in studying abroad to apply for any scholarships that are available.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

02 December, 2015
Studying Abroad is a Life Changing Opportunity to Students

There are many benefits for students studying in abroad. It is a great opportunity to students that every must take. It is most excellent way to recognize a new country’s culture and point of view is living in midst of it. Every college student wants the opportunity to explore the world and find themselves. Many students turned away because studying aboard is expensive. Studying abroad is opening your eyes to world around you and getting a teaching through lecture or textbook in classroom. It is place where you can learn many things in new country and can be something life changing. Populace will have better perception of the remote world if there were to study abroad. Learning around the world is nothing but learning about them. Therefore studying aboard requires a taking time away and comfort zone from ordinary and really focusing on extraordinary. Once the person placed in a country it is very easy to learn their language. Studying abroad can also make lifelong companionships with populace from all over the world and can strength students to enjoy simple things and food in life.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

01 December, 2015
A New Student Visa is Designed to Attract International Students to New Zealand

Steven Joyce Employment minister and skills, tertiary education and Michael Wood house immigration minister declared a new student visa to attract international students to New Zealand.This student visa allows foreign students to accept path of up to 3 successive plan of study with chosen education providers. An alleyway can be accessible by organization with other education contributor or single education provider. Therefore they will be applicable for maximum of 5 years.Pathway student visa will be execute from December 7th for an early pilot period of eighteen months and wrap more than five hundred tertiary, primary and secondary institutions.On student visa the number of students studying in NZ went up to 16% in 2014 – 2015. The government and industry believe that the pathway student visas will assist to retain more foreign applicants and make NZ more viable with country such as Australia. Therefore this country already offers pathway programmes said, Mr. Joyce.The eighteen month period will allow New Zealand to assess outcome of the pathway student visa pilot plan such as student alteration charge from the 1st to the 2nd plan of study.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

30 November, 2015
US has Remained the Top Destination Abroad to go for Higher Education

According to government data, the number of students going to United States had raised by thirty percent inflow of international students to India. While the number of students coming to India from Singapore, US, China, Germany, Australia, France and South Korea had dropped by seventy three percent from 13961 in 2013 to 3737 in 2014. Adding to report which suggested that PM Narendra Modi’s bonhomie with Obama had seen huge surge in students from India studying in United States. Indian students going to US had increased by 29.4% within year. Across US there are 1.33 lakhs students studying in US universities. The main reason while students are going abroad for higher studies are for better opportunity and scope. Not only departments and overseas programmes there are more prestigious facilities and favourable culture of research. Top faculty members are often accessible and it is easy to become affiliated with institute or laboratory. After United States, UK remains the top destination for higher studies. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

26 November, 2015
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