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High Record on International Student Enrolment in Canada for Higher Studies

Every year 10 percent growth in international studentís enrolments for higher studies. With 336497 foreign students studying in Canada in 2014. Therefore key source countries are Brazil, China, US, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and France. Overall Chinese students account for thirty three percent of the foreign student population. Vietnam and Nigeria are the fastest increasing markets in terms of country source.  Around routes to permanent residency and post study work Canada encouraging policy settings. And the number of foreign students transitioning directly to PR in Canada grew for the 1st time in 6 years. India, China and South Korea and the top 5 nationalities are likely to transition to PR. Karen McBride, President & CEO of CBIE said, foreign education is critical to the future of Canadians and Canada. And he also added, they are pleased to provide policy makers, business and government and thought innovators and leaders in business, education and government with a valuable recourse. For Canadian higher education pathway programme present big opportunity to hire foreign students and delivered by the illuminate consulting group. Nearly thirty percent of foreign under graduates entering Canadian universities annually enroll from pathway programme. The foreign student survey also revealed high level of foreign student satisfaction. Over ninety percent of respondents were satisfied with study abroad experience and 95 percent would recommend Canada as a best study destination.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

25 November, 2015
PhD Salaries in US have grown much faster than in Canada

A new report suggests, many students expect getting PhD in Canada is unlikely to provide the return in money and time. The study estimates only two percent of jobs require a doctoral degree and low starting salaries. Jessica Edge, one of the co-authors of the report from the conference board of Canada said, Most PhDs would say $50000 is low for where they are. In early 30s with years of education.  Only about 20% of students who are graduated with higher degree end up with full time teaching jobs in post secondary education. Even now a lot of employers donít know the skills of PhD graduate. So they donít know what to do with them said, Dr.Edge. Over the past decade across the country the number of PhDs has grown and the government has pumped money in to graduate degrees. Higher education will lead to innovation and productivity but employers havenít bought that message. In 2014 within a 3 month the million jobs were posted out of which 4000 clearly listed a PhD as a requirement. Another 13000 similar positions are classified as possibly benefiting from PhD. In recent studies many problems are identified and cannot be solved by proving students with more professional training. Therefore PhD salaries in US have grown much faster than in Canada.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

24 November, 2015
London is the Perfect Destination to Study for International Students

For study abroad plan London is a great city. It is a major conurbation city welcomes many people from all over background, birthplaces and cultures. As a city it is well associated to many EU countries. UK continues to thrive as a harmony scene. Other reason why students prefer higher education in UK is this country common frequent language. The cities took 5 of 8 foreign acclamations in 2015 forceful awards with some plus best foreign bartender, the blind pig at social eating house and best the artesian. UK was ranked the 3rd best student cities in 2015. London was found to be extremely reasonable while contribution students a multitude of opportunities and activities.  This country also has great public transportation. Constantly rank one of the worldís most excellent public transportation system the ďLondon tubeĒ facilitates thirty million journeys every day. For international this is alleviate of transportation. With 47% of London made up of green space and there is wide array of parks in and around city. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

23 November, 2015
International Students focused on determining their future status in US

The students who completed graduating at the end of semester they mainly focus on their future status in US. The students have last chance at obtaining an (optional practical training) form. Only through these forms students are allowed to reside in US after they completed their degree credits. Therefore this form permits them to reside though a co-op or job opportunity. International adviser Jessica with scholarís office and international students explained that this form allows students to work for twelve months after their degree is finish.  Therefore there are 4 forms of OPT there are post completion, cap gap (Math and engineering, Science, technology), pre-completion said, Fincham. Based on their education Fincham split in to categories and timeline statuses in US. F-status remains at low state throughout the program. Whereas J-status is part of exchange program in which international students come to country and they can earn the degree. After the completion of course they must return to the origin to share the gained knowledge. And there are also H1B students who completed their bachelorís degree may work in the country temporarily. In passport a visa is a sticker and the immigration status is H, F or J status and they hold in US and they must maintain the status. Candidates are legally to stay in that country till the visa is expired. At present the STEM program allows the students with degrees in technology, maths or science to reside in US for additional seventeen months. Now the scholarís office and the international students will continue to help students throughput months in preparing for applications, various forms and deadlines.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

21 November, 2015
Before Students can Study Abroad there is a Preliminary Work must be done

Studying Abroad can change life experience for every student. But there is a lot of work and process to be done before students plan and begin adventure. The very primary step is to fill the application online on the education abroad office website. Once the students submit the application form is will be accepted within a week. This is when they start working on acceptance items such as documents about housing information, travel information and equivalency forms and more. An education office Holly Henning said, the office requires pre departure meeting and must discuss culture shock communication, insurance, and safety. The meeting with education abroad advisor before leaving a trip is mandatory. By the students studying abroad is a high level self initiative said, Henning. He also added, itís exciting and fun but at the same time students must willing to do work and takes it as motivation.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

20 November, 2015
UK new student visa allows Indians to stay on work for 2 years

The UK government is improbable to think about a suggestion by London mayor Boris Johnson for new student visa to permit Indians to reside on to work for 2 years after the course ends. On Tuesday Johnson made the suggestion with University influential that to focal point on dipping existing and immigration provisions for students to work. Therefore the administration will prolong to study reform that begin while attracting the brightest and best to world class universities. Therefore the unease has been articulated by the stake holders and university leaders at the decreasing numeral of Indian students coming to British. They would not take it critically until it came from the home office which is completely responsible for the immigration policy. Conclusion of the post study work visa in 2012 is measured as the main cause for the fall in Indian students coming to Britain. There is a important raised in Indian students going to the United States, Australia and Canada. They grant more visas to students from India other than US and China. Around the 90 percent of Indian students now attend the United Kingdom world leading universities. Apart from this there is decrease in foreign students from India. Therefore Indian students for British visa doubled between 2008 & 2009.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn  

19 November, 2015
Australia to Increase International Study Grants in 2016

Government of Australia has dedicated to improve the learning mobility and has been working to raise the fund. International partnerships, support replace program for students in higher education. Previous months minister for international education and tourism Senator Richard Colbeck announce that the Australian government would be releasing A$8.3 million to fund the EMG (Endeavour mobility Grants). Therefore the grant which are offered for graduates and undergraduates students in VET and university programs are intended at sending Australian students abroad to study at universities around the world. The students supported the Endeavour mobility grants can select temporary term and semester programs and courses, helper opportunities and intern-ships. While the other students can select program throughout the world including Americas, Europe and Africa. The Australian government worked on the target partnerships and programs within Indo-pacific region. Australian management has also revealed the new Colombo plan intended at developing and strengthening hopeful mobility between Indo-pacific and Australia countries and academic partnerships. Therefore this new plan will sponsor more than four hundred and fifty mobility projects. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

14 November, 2015
US Offer Access to Best Universities in the World

United States offers access to best universities in the world. Most students are interested to study education in America. The value of American education can be divided by the comparing the financial cost of study education in United States for the contribution to student professional development. US provide world class best education. As a result many students must consider the two variables in making their decision to study abroad. The top universities can charge up to $60000 which includes living costs, tuition fees and health education. Apart from this there are many options for foreign students with regards to financial aid. When compared to top universities, Auburn University in Alabama offers cheaper alternatives of $39400. Apart from this it also offers scholarships for foreign students. Students who would like to build global network with others in the field of interest. These universities are considered sea grants, research centers, space grants and land grants offers best and great opportunities for students in research in such areas as nuclear waste. Auburn also offers positive growth by welcoming students to American culture and traditions.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

12 November, 2015
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