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Cambridge Curriculum has better shot at Pursuing Higher Education in UK

Nine students from Mumbai have appeared as subject toppers in CIE (Cambridge international examinations) series to put the attention on the small. In fact many number of students choosing for Cambridge curriculum to have better higher studies education in UK. And the marks gained by the Cambridge international examinations are considered as most important criterion for admittance in United Kingdom colleges. If students study well they have an option of choosing a right college. Therefore the numeral of schools contribution Cambridge curriculum across the country has amplified from three hundred and forty to three hundred and fifty according to the data provided by Cambridge international examinations. There has been increase in numeral of students as well. Above 70000 entries. Before academic year 10% were received the entire country for IGCSE (International general certificate of school education). Therefore students topped in subjects such as business studies, prarthna Kemka, mathematics and business studies. The special feature of this year results that students took nontraditional subjects and excellent in them. In Physics and mathís India also had maximum toppers. Application based syllabus helped them in fast the exams said, students. And there was an option syllabus and practical work on tackle real world situations.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

07 November, 2015
Most Attractive Destinations for Indians to Study Abroad

According to OECD (Organization for economic cooperation and development) highly educated Indians were fastest growing set of emigrants to organization for economic cooperation and development countries in 2011. organization for economic cooperation and development countries include thirty four wealthy countries such as EU, Australia, South Korea and Israel. Overall migrant populace of India in developed countries was 2010 Ė 2011 and rise of 83 percent over the before decade. But the growth in the populace of highly educated Indians was even faster at 123 percent. At 2.24 million highly educated Indians are 62 percent total Indian origin migrants. According to 2011 eight percent Indians are being graduated out of 100 3% are highly educated Indians study or work in abroad. Therefore the number rises for nurses and doctors about 8 out of 100 of them migrating to developed country. Organization for economic cooperation and development 34 member states are United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Chile, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark, Slovak Republic, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Norway, France, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Mexico, Hungary, Luxembourg, Iceland, Korea, Ireland, Korea, Israel, Japan, and Italy. India is clearly huge knowledge economy. Number of professionals produced in different areas is very high. Therefore India saw the highest number of doctorís move to the OECD countries in 2010 Ė 2011. Total number of doctors migrating to the other countries is high and the extradition is low.   According to the doctor populace Indian council of medical research the populace ratio in India as of 2013 was 1:1800 it is much lower than WHO (World health organization) recommended ratio of 1:1000For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

06 November, 2015
Study in France - Apply for Eiffel Scholarship

The European affairs and French ministry offering Eiffel scholarships for foreign students to study masterís degree at French institution. Therefore the scholarship supports 12 months maximum for masterís level 1 and 24 months for masterís M level 1, 36 months for engineering science diploma and maximum duration is ten months for PhD programme, Management and law, political science. For masters course applicants will get 1181 Euros. 1031 Euros as maintenance allowance and 150 Euros for monthly compensation. This program also covers expenses which includes health insurance, return trip and housing allowance. PhD courses, recipients receive allowance of 1400 Euros a housing allowance, return trip and health insurance. This program will start from 8th January 2016. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

05 November, 2015
Students Have More Options to Study In Abroad

Now a day's study in aboard increase rapidly. It takes certain type of persons to uproot themselves and travel everywhere. The point is until student experience other cultures and other parts of the world, way of living they will never understand about own culture. Studying in other country is way of experience to know about different cultures. Studying abroad take some changes that really define its essence. Some may be good and some may be bad. Therefore these things explain every student deep understanding of new place. Learning about new culture is best opportunity to meet new people and make friends from all over the world. There are some universities provide a space for networking studying abroad gives many options to individuals. Dee Roach Navitas education group said, Germany country advances in engineering technology therefore the United States with top management and business programs such as Stanford, MIT and Harvard. In other words choosing abroad studies gives many options for choosing better fields. Studying abroad also introduces new different ways of thinking. Once the student accustomed a particular culture and environment then they take for the granted. The sum of experiences around the hometown and city will grew up. It is still about the challenging way and introducing student to think dialogue and marketplace of ideas. Therefore studying aboard is an experience.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

04 November, 2015
QS Survey - For Better Career Prospects Bachelor's Degree aren't enough

According to QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) foreign students feel bachelorís degree arenít enough to secure long term career paths. To study master's degree 7153 candidates found that combined improving employment progressive on at present career path. Apart from these sixty three percent international recognitions qualifications are considered when selecting study destination. For master's candidates course reputation was major factor when choosing institution. Countries and institutions must align curriculum with employability said, Laura Bridgestock. And he also said, some countries and universities can still trade on strength of reputations but this one is not enough. Once the competitors start stepping employability initiatives they have to keep pace. For graduate good career path bachelorís degree alone is not sufficient. Once the student made the decision to study abroad candidates select institution based on the reputation of the field.  Students who are willing to work or study abroad international recognition of qualification are essential to secure strong employment future. Therefore 57 percent students to choose destinations based on scholarship and the rest 52 percent choose by cultural lifestyle and interest. Students in Eastern Europe and Latin America prioritize cultural lifestyle and interest while candidates in Middle East and Africa select financial aid or scholarship.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

04 November, 2015
USA remains top study destination among Indonesian students

From many countries USA remains highest apex study destination among Indonesian students. Among Indonesian youth, American top customs has become massive inspiration which reflects the delight of international community with passionate sprit. After completing high schools many Indonesian students are ready to revise in America. USA education system is one of the finest in World. According to times higher education World University ranking in 2015 among 20 universities 13 universities are top American universities in the world. Therefore it is one of the major stimuli for elevated school students to study higher education in US. There was increasing command to study in United States. fastrack USA was introduced by Sampoerna schools systems. This is the fastest and useful path to study bachelorís degree from US as well as college credit from Indonesia which can also be granted at top universities in the United States. Behind this plan the idea is to prepare and encourage students to receive United States bachelorís degree faster without leaving Indonesia. From students the result of the academic test must be tenth grade and above. Students who enroll in this program will start receiving college credits while in high school for 2 year associate degree program which was made possible through academic cooperation with lone start college system. Through these credits students can complete three and four of university studies to gain United States bachelorís degree at Sampoerna University. Apart from this there is another advantage of fastrack USA which provides an avenue for parents. This program will also help parents to save more cost and reduce study time by up to 2 years. In future good career opportunities for Fas-track USA. Through STEM there are large number of job opportunities. Therefore graduates can be employed anywhere in the world.For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

02 November, 2015
Google has revealed data about the top destinations for overseas students

Finding the information about universities used to depend either on getting copy of brochure or visiting campus. Therefore these listings of requirements and courses were usually put together with all creative of telephone directory. In every country universities are trying hard to attract more studentís particularly overseas students. Since 2000 the overseas students has doubled. Only in United Kingdom overseas students are worth £7bn per year. Maximum post graduate courses have majority non United Kingdom students. In online searching Google has revealed about top destinations for many people to search about university information. As per 2014 the international student queries as per countries Ė New Zealand 1.2%, US 35.4%, China 1.2%, UK 26%, Sweden 1.4%, Canada 8%, India 1.6%, Australia 6.2%, Germany 2.2%, Netherlands 2.4%, Others 14%+. Based on this search universities in United States get more searches from abroad than any other country. Therefore United States is the worldís biggest market for overseas students. Therefore United Kingdom is the second biggest destination for overseas students. The third place is for Canada with 8%. Canada has raised overseas students by more than 80 percent in a decade. According to international education queries Canada comes ahead of Australia with 6 percent and overtaken by Germany 2.2 percent. In demand for overseas education India is the 2nd to China. From 2010 to 2014 searches from India about United Kingdom universities fell every year.  26 percent university searches about United Kingdom universities in 2010. Therefore the winners were the Canada and United States. 39 percent overseas university searches from India to United States in 2009. The search from India about Australia fell more by 2008 and 2010. This is the mobile phone generation. Many students are interested to study in United States. And mostly they used to search universities in Smartphoneís and apply for process. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

28 October, 2015
Many people attended seminar on studying in Canada

Many top universities in Canada organized seminar for international students to study in Canada. Canada is a popular study destination and attracts many international people to various institutions. A seminar by top university in Canada recently held here in Qatar which was organized by international consultancy. In this seminar they helped many international students to understand the reasons why Canada could be the best option for studying abroad. The number of people chosen to study in Canada because of affordable education, multicultural, safe and healthy communities and affordable education. In University of Alberta the international student recruitment, University of Waterloo, University of New Brunswick, Thompson Rivers University and many more interacted with students during the seminar. Karuna Ausman, International marketing and recruitment specialist in University of Waterloo said, this seminar is conducted to interact with students and they can ask number of questions regarding their higher education. Vancouver Island and Thomson River are also targeting graduate students with their MBA, Environmental program and Masters of Education. Apart from this all other universities are targeting under graduate studies. There was lot of interest in health science, nutrition and variety of subjects, Engineering and business. However many students get the information on under graduate programmes. Among all universities Waterloo and Alberta scores will be high. It is that teaching quality in other university is less only few seats and more applications have the luxury of being competitive. Waterloo is one of the top one hundred and fifty five universities in the world in QS ranking. Five star universities in the QS means it is the top university and listed twenty fourth universities for engineering in the world. And he also added, this country offers many students to come and study and can work for 20 hours a week after they arrive and get their social insurance number. In summer holidays hey can work for forty hours a week. Compare to New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States Canada cost of education is very low and it will be beneficial for many people to come a study in Canada. For more updates follow us on  Facebook ,Twitter ,  Google+ , LinkedIn

27 October, 2015
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