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Typographical Errors in Payment

On the occasion that STUDY IDEAS product and services are erroneously noted at a wrong rate, we reserve the right to refuse or revoke any sort of orders detailed at the wrong price. STUDY IDEAS has the right to decline or revoke any sort of such orders whether or not the order has been verified and your charge card billed. In case your credit card has actually been billed, a complete refund will be released in the amount of the incorrect cost.

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The Registration/Service charges paid by the student is towards processing the visa application and other overheads like counseling, canvassing, and other administrative overheads prior to the pre visa stage and the same is non refundable and it does not include any other fees or any other charges or fees payable to the consulate or other authority.

  1. Registration fee payable is non refundable for the services of any country.
  2. Language pre requites are at the discretion of the country you are applying for. We make all efforts to educate you on the requirements of these kind but don?t take the onus of accuracy of score required, training, fees, place where the exam would be conducted etc as these are not controlled by us. Any assumption in these area is at your risk.
  3. Please note that the refund clauses are only applicable for applicants who have subscribed by paying full service.
  4. Please note that STUDY IDEAS has set the service cost on the basis of the work, effort, process and stages involved to make the application.Refund requests are applicable and considered only when services costs are paid in full by the time of raising refund requests. Applicants are not entitled for raising any request in case of some balance amount is due in processing fee. However, refund requests will be considered, even though the total PF is paid in installments (without any dues)
  5. STUDY IDEAS charges the service fee based on the services which include (a) Analyzing the best place for an applicant to study keeping the parameters of the past education, future dream and financial affordability on tuition fee. (b) Give clarity on the process of application, filling the application forms appropriately and other related procedures.(c) Guidance on the procedures of the visa by sharing the latest information on documents required which would maximize the chances of getting visa.
  6. STUDY IDEAS charges Service tax @ 18% as per the revised tax rates.

Our Products and Services

Visa Pre Registration - STUDY IDEAS offers a technical evaluation service which will certainly review your profile for a selected country and let you understand how many points have actually been scored by you. All the Reports are sent out within 2 Days of registration if all the details have actually been submitted in the form. The fee for an evaluation report is 100% non refundable.

Application Forms - Study ideas provides a number of kinds of application forms for download as an added service to our clients. Forms are available for a fee on a registration basis.

Copyright Information: No copyright is declared on any kind of application form. The application given on our website is released by numerous overseas government agencies.

Warranty Disclaimer - This website, and the content and products on this site are supplied "as is" and without warranties of any kind of kind, whether express or indicated. To the ultimate level permissible according to applicable legislation, STUDY IDEAS disclaims all service warranties, express or indicated, including, yet not restricted to, signified service warranties of merchantability and, health and fitness for a certain purpose and non-infringement. Study ideas does not represent or warrant that the functions consisted of in the website will be uninterrupted or error-free, that the flaws will be corrected, or that this website or the web server that makes the website available are devoid of pc virus or other hazardous components. Study ideas does not make any kind of warranties or representations concerning using the content in this website in regards to their correctness, precision, competence, efficiency, timeliness, integrity or otherwise. Some states do not allow limitations or exclusions on service warranties, so the above restrictions will not apply to you.

Modifications to the Terms and Conditions: STUDY IDEAS preserves the right, at its discernment, to alter our Terms and Conditions any time. By purchasing any type of product detailed on our website, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions listed in this document. You hereby agree not to dispute these terms under any situation.

Terms Of Use

Applicant recognizes that it is his/her obligation to abide by the above terms and conditions as well as additional concur that Study ideas (referred to as Company) reserves the right to validate and to end their services whenever if the candidate falls short to abide by the terms and conditions if they find that the information supplied by the candidate is found to be untrue/incomplete. The applicant agrees to read and understand the adhering terms and conditions and also agrees to follow the very same.

  1. Study ideas has briefed informed me about the living conditions, infrastructure and quality of education in the country. STUDY IDEAS is neither liable nor responsible if I discontinue my studies for what so ever reasons or if I have been reverted/deported back by the college/university/institution or any authority for any reasons or for my acts/deeds during my stay there.
  2. STUDY IDEAS has undertaken to process my application for admission to the College/University/Institution of my choice, which is subject to the eligibility criteria prescribed by College/University/Institution and STUDY IDEAS is not liable for rejection/cancellation or non-acceptance of my application/admission or for not getting visa from any authority.
  3. STUDY IDEAS is not responsible for refund of any fees or other amounts/charges that have been paid to any college/university/institution for my admission in the event of me getting admission/visa/immigration or not getting or on rejection or non acceptance of my application at any stage by any authority or in case of I-20 being delayed (Except in those cases were STUDY IDEAS has agreed to in writing).
  4. STUDY IDEAS puts its best efforts to get admissions from all the Universities I applied; however there is no guarantee that I get an I-20 from the University of my Choice. I would be issued an I-20 from the University based on my profile.
  5. STUDY IDEAS reserves the right to canvas my achievements through any media.
  6. STUDY IDEAS is not responsible for any delay/loss of my documents in transit in spite of their handling the same with due care.
  7. STUDY IDEAS has not assured me of any employment in what so ever manner and is in no way responsible for any action taken against me by the concerned authorities if I am found violating any of the conditions stipulated by the authority of the country/university/college/institution
  8. STUDY IDEAS has the right to terminate/withdraw their services/my application if,
    • the applicant does not clear all the arrears within the stipulated time from the date of my registration (i.e.: within seven days from the date of registration).
    • The applicant tries to malign the name of the study ideas in what so ever manner (indulging in bad propaganda or giving false information to any media, or making statements or comments with other students etc) which may tamper the functioning of their business or reputation.
    • The applicant corresponds directly with any college/institution/university at any stage until and unless I am authorized or given written consent by them to do so.
  9. Neither STUDY IDEAS nor any of their employees are responsible if any of the documents/information furnished by me, are found to be not true/false or fabricated at any stage, by any authority and I shall be solely liable for the costs and consequences arising thereof.
  10. The client takes the onus of giving all the information which that impact the application which includes but is not limited to past rejections to any country, past application and approvals etc with exact dates and results.
  11. STUDY IDEAS has all rights to claim their commission/incentive/fee what so ever the university/college/institution offers them and I have no claim over them. In case I fail to join the University / College for any reason after getting the visa, I shall be liable to pay to STUDY IDEAS the commission due to them from the respective University / College. Further I am solely responsible for the legal actions to be initiated by STUDY IDEAS to recover their commission.
  12. I shall be liable for any legal action initiated by STUDY IDEAS, if I indulge in any such acts, which would malign their business activity.
    • STUDY IDEAS is not liable to refund of any fees/charges or amount paid by me if, I fail to attend the visa interview or submit documents for processing my application / visa to the concerned Embassy/Consulate or the VFS or any other authorities
    • STUDY IDEAS is not liable to refund any fees or part of the fees if I opt for admissions to different courses / countries or if I opt for Visa under any other category after my registration, on my own or through any other agency
    • STUDY IDEAS is not liable to refund in case I drop my admission process for what so ever reasons once processing of my application is taken up.
  13. If the applicant has paid money through Credit Card or Net Banking, the applicant undertakes voluntarily that he/she will not dispute the payment or notify the designated bank for charge back insisting the bank to withhold or cancel the payment made to the Study ideas by the applicant. The applicant further undertakes to inform his banker that the payment made to the study ideas is genuine and the transaction is an exception for his request to cancel or charge back the payment in his favor including misuse and card loss cases either by him or through anyone. The applicant agrees to cooperate with the study ideas in this aspect in case the study ideas wishes to defend/ represent the matter in their favor before any bank or authority.
  14. Charge back: STUDY IDEAS will not, under any circumstances, issue cash refunds for early contract cancellation. If you have a question about charges made to your account, please contact us immediately. If the charges were made in error, we will immediately credit your account for the appropriate amount. STUDY IDEAS has a zero tolerance policy for charge backs. Any customer who disputes a credit card payment that is found to be valid will be permanently blacklisted and barred from use of the service. Any past due fees and costs will be sent to collections. If our collection efforts fail, unpaid debts will be reported to all available credit reporting agencies.
  15. If the applicant has paid the money through online card services then the client hereby agrees that he or she will not withdraw or is not entitled to take back the amount, or stop payment to the credit card study ideas, except otherwise following the norms of refund as mentioned in the agreement and the procedures prescribed by the law prevailing at that time in the State of Andhra Pradesh and within the Jurisdiction of Hyderabad.
  16. STUDY IDEAS is not responsible for the exact amount of registration fee or any other charges towards medicals / books etc that the college/university/institution may fix and collect from time to time. However I will be briefed of the fee structure that is prevailing presently.
  17. All documents/applications/forms etc received by STUDY IDEAS are under their custody and cannot be reproduced or returned to the student.
  18. STUDY IDEAS is not liable for any travel arrangements made by the student prior to the confirmation of the Visa and the same being communicated to the student, by mail or any other written proof duly signed by the concerned authority.
  19. The agreement is valid for the period of one year. STUDY IDEAS reserves the right to terminate the Services on expiry of the period of validity.
  20. Service / Registration Charges:
    The Registration/Service charges paid by the student is towards processing the visa application and other overheads like counseling, canvassing, and other administrative overheads prior to the pre visa stage and the same is non refundable and it does not include any other fees or any other charges or fees payable to the consulate or other authority.

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